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Virtual Prayer for The Technologically Challenged

“hurchgoers, even those who have stopped regularly attending worship services during the pandemic, want support from a church community. Practicing Christians across the U.S. are seeking “prayer and emotional support”… – Barna, July 2020 Face-to-face prayer, phone call prayer, and virtual prayer share the same ingredients—consistency, compassion, and patience. The difference between them are the tools we use to convey the “prayer and emotional support” that practicing Christians are seeking today. In fact, on a spectrum of interaction where face-to-face prayer is most personal, virtual prayer is a step above a phone call because we can see each other on…
March 11, 2021
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How to Form a Digital Team

The Church on Mission is a series of blogs and videos to help your ministry or church thrive in the digital age and make disciples locally and internationally. This is the first video of the series in three parts. Introduction (1 minute) The Template (3 minutes) Review & Strategy (3 minutes) Resources: PowerPoints: Sample Report Form: You can view how to use this report by clicking here to go to List of Digital Resources: Indigitous: Engaging and Unleashing Believers into Digital Missions. Good source to learn about digital missions. Church Communications: Church conferences and blog posts on how to…
November 2, 2020
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5 Ways to Share Your Faith Online

By Nikole Hahn Paul spent his time in prison writing letters. Even when Paul himself couldn’t minister in person, God used his words to traverse obstacles, distance, and time. Paul’s words continue to make an impact, in large part because they were fixed in time to a timeless medium. Luke’s “Acts of the Apostles” is similar. According to the introduction in Bible Study Tools of the Book of Acts, it was written “To depict the triumph of Christianity in the face of bitter persecution.” Fixed in time, but timeless! Written in one place, but unconfined by time and space. Many…
August 10, 2020