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How To Use Your Church Live Stream

By Nikole Hahn You wouldn't invite people to an empty church. Likewise, you don't invite someone new to the church to an empty chat. Risking All as a Christian means seeing technology as an opportunity to make Gospel Impact in your community and beyond. While chat options are available on most social networks during a live stream and even on website streams, we will focus on Facebook for today's topic. A live stream isn't a podcast or like watching Netflix on your device, where you turn it on and focus on other things. The live stream is a two-way conversation…
January 26, 2024
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Missions in The City: Pastor Mark Hanke

How one WorldVenture partner church is changing things up in Salem, Oregon and the world! Click this link:   Salem First Baptist: Video: 45 minutes  God can use you to change the world, too. If you liked what Pastor Mark said, write down a couple of quotes and share them to your social media platforms. If this video inspired you to think differently, please let us know in the comments. Other Special Broadcasts: Justin Long: Equipping Leaders For The Great Commission  An Interview With Dan Scribner of Joshua Project Visit Our Unreached People Group Page Are you a…
September 15, 2023
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How To Be Creative With Missions (When You Are Not Creative)

by Nikole Hahn “… I want to hear a song so good that it makes people want to do something about the subject.” – Bono, lead singer of U2 As leaders in the body of Christ, among our goals are evangelism, discipleship, spiritual growth, and  inspiring people to action. Usually that action can be categorized in one of four action words: give, serve, pray, or go. But inspiring people often takes inspiring content. And if you’re not one of the more creative people you know, that can be a daunting challenge. And yet there is a solution to that and…
April 15, 2023
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How To Use Netflix and Amazon For Missions

By Nikole Hahn What do your streaming habits look like? Many good documentaries are on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, or Disney +. Still, do you ever think about the perspective of the missionaries that live in the areas filmed? Let us help you use your streaming habits to educate your family, friends, or church members on the realities the people groups highlighted face. What’s On Netflix Right Now?  Magical Andes is a series on Netflix from 2019. The filmmaker takes us on a journey from Argentina to Columbia along the Andes Mountains with breathtaking cinematography and compelling storylines. I…
October 19, 2022
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Serving On Social Media: Finding The Right People!

By Nikole Hahn A great need exists for volunteers to serve on social media with our local churches and mission organizations. Many non-profits and churches can't afford a full-time social media strategist. Churches should consider volunteers willing to commit to serving online and leadership to support that work because social media presence has become culturally-central to that organization's brand or reputation. However, as with other influential roles, who you choose to invite into your digital team makes a difference. Recently, circumstances caused me to think about the make-up of a social media volunteer. James 3:1 NIV says, "Not many of you should…
August 9, 2022
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay
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From Indifference To Community: Building A Hybrid Church

A Book Commentary By Nikole Hahn Few books lay the theological groundwork and ask the reader to examine their attitude about social media, such as MetaChurch by Dave Adamson. Like me, he was one of many who sought to help the Church build a digital platform when the world shut down in 2020 and left many pastors scrambling to get something up online. It's more than a how-to book on building a digital ministry to reach people and make disciples; it's helping people recognize that the internet and social media are no longer a broadcasting model but a narrow-cast model because of the one-on-one…
July 20, 2022
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4 Ways to Process Emotions Online According to 2 Kings

“Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.” – Proverbs 2:11 Read 2 Kings 18 by clicking here When we read the Bible, we can apply it to all aspects of life. That includes our online lives, especially how and when we process emotions or post reactions online. Whether the cause of those emotions are political, mental health, geopolitical events, loss of people we love, or difficult relationships, we can find ways to change how those emotions are expressed online with other people. And King Hezekiah’s difficult interaction with the Assyrian field commander, the Rabshakeh, in 2 Kings 18…
March 4, 2022
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5 Habits to Change on Your Social Media to Transform Your Heart & Community

An online workshop via Zoom to help you start 2022 with better habits and help your community at the same time. While Social Media can be a negative experience for some, as Christians, we can use social media to help us walk closer to the Lord and transform our community, too. Saturday, January 15, 2022, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. MST AZ  Register at this link (click here). This workshop is taught by Nikole Hahn (click here to learn more) and is free.   Other Articles by Nikole Hahn: 3 Lessons About Social Media From John 8 Virtual Prayer for…
January 7, 2022
n hahn pic of church in yosemite
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3 Lessons About Social Media From John 8

By Nikole Hahn Jesus stood amid a gathering crowd, teaching, when “the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees” dragged a woman caught in the act of adultery to the front of the group (John 8:1-11). What happens next is an excellent example to follow on Social Media. The teachers and Pharisees had a hidden agenda. They said, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. The law of Moses says to stone her. What do you say?” Like gnats, they pestered Jesus for an answer. Jesus paused, bending down to write something on the ground, before standing again. Note…
August 6, 2021
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Virtual Prayer for The Technologically Challenged

“hurchgoers, even those who have stopped regularly attending worship services during the pandemic, want support from a church community. Practicing Christians across the U.S. are seeking “prayer and emotional support”… – Barna, July 2020 Face-to-face prayer, phone call prayer, and virtual prayer share the same ingredients—consistency, compassion, and patience. The difference between them are the tools we use to convey the “prayer and emotional support” that practicing Christians are seeking today. In fact, on a spectrum of interaction where face-to-face prayer is most personal, virtual prayer is a step above a phone call because we can see each other on…
March 11, 2021
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How to Form a Digital Team

The Church on Mission is a series of blogs and videos to help your ministry or church thrive in the digital age and make disciples locally and internationally. This is the first video of the series in three parts. Introduction (1 minute) The Template (3 minutes) Review & Strategy (3 minutes) Resources: PowerPoints: Sample Report Form: You can view how to use this report by clicking here to go to List of Digital Resources: Indigitous: Engaging and Unleashing Believers into Digital Missions. Good source to learn about digital missions. Church Communications: Church conferences and blog posts on how to…
November 2, 2020
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5 Ways to Share Your Faith Online

By Nikole Hahn Paul spent his time in prison writing letters. Even when Paul himself couldn’t minister in person, God used his words to traverse obstacles, distance, and time. Paul’s words continue to make an impact, in large part because they were fixed in time to a timeless medium. Luke’s “Acts of the Apostles” is similar. According to the introduction in Bible Study Tools of the Book of Acts, it was written “To depict the triumph of Christianity in the face of bitter persecution.” Fixed in time, but timeless! Written in one place, but unconfined by time and space. Many…
August 10, 2020