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By Dougg Custer, VP Mobilization Ministries

I do not know how things will turn out for us.  As a husband, I feel obligated to lead our family toward obedience, whatever the end may be–whether it is life or death or discomfort or disappointment.  It is clear that the Lord Jesus calls us not to an easy life, however he calls us.  He bids us to take up our cross–just as he did–to suffer and die.  Perhaps we will toil for years to raise support and never make it overseas.  Perhaps we will go and utterly ‘fail’ as missionaries from all worldly perspectives.  Perhaps we will labor for decades without any visible fruit.  Or perhaps through willing obedience, many will pass from death to eternal life.” – Jamison Pals, written a few days prior to the accident in his private journal.

Four years ago today, WorldVenture was rocked to the core as we received the news that Jamison and Katheryn Pals and their three small children were killed in a traffic accident.  The Pals were on their way to Denver for their final pre-field training before departing to Japan

As you can imagine, after the jolting loss of such dear servants, there was a profound cry for us to fully obey Jesus in His command to “pray earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest, to send out workers into His fields”.  In so doing, we believe our missionaries are God’s answers to those earnest prayers!  At the memorial service, Pastor John Piper said, “And we pray for the young people who remain — in this church and throughout the world — Lord, in the name of Jesus, and by the blood of these five, I ask, raise up — raise up! — a legion of replacements for the global glory of his imperial Majesty, Jesus Christ.  Forbid that any of your children would hear of this news, and waste their lives on trifles.”

The Pals journey is a reminder to people considering serving in missions:

  • …to say yes to His leading in your lives (John 14:31).
  • …to diligently give yourselves to the challenges of partner development and pre-field training (James 5:7-8) and allow God to grow you through it.

I hope today that you will be encouraged as we remind ourselves of the vital task we are called to, the great people who have gone before us, and the sovereign awesomeness of the Lord Jesus. If you sense God might be prompting you to consider learning more about your personal involvement in missions please start here in your continuing exploration.

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