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On Friday, April 9, 2021, Rodger Schmidt gave us a live tour and prayer walk of Mozambique via Facebook Live. We have provided the edited version of the live for your viewing here as well as two other videos of Juma and Robson’s testimonies on our Youtube account. Why not subscribe to our Youtube to get notified of new video uploads? 

In this video, Rodger and his friends take us on a historical tour of Mozambique which includes its history, the rich culture of the people, and why Mozambique is in the news. This video is about 50 minutes in length.

Robson is the Operations Manager of Rickshaws. He has been working there for seven years. This 8-minute video explains his testimony, his love of Mozambique, and his prayers for the people of Mozambique.

Juma is the Head Waiter at Rickshaws and he has worked there for the past five years. In this 12-minute video, Juma shares his amazing testimony, including how God spoke to him in a Mosque.




Share this link or the Youtube Links with an answer to one of the questions below…

  • If you were a Muslim, how did you learn about Jesus?
  • How did Juma or Robson’s testimony inspire you in your faith in the Lord?
  • What did you learn about Mozambique that you didn’t know before?