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How to Practically Help Refugees

Practical Help With Resources! This originally aired live on Thursday, May 5, 2022, on our Facebook page. Ministry Among Immigrants and Resources (downloadable PDF) Learn more about Bobby and Brianna Brown by clicking here Learn more about Larry Stucky by clicking here Learn more about Mark Harris by clicking here  Recommended reading: When Helping Hurts  Feel free to download the videos to share at your church or small group by clicking here. 
May 12, 2022
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Befriending Refugees in The City

By Nikole Hahn Newly appointed Global Workers, like Lan, serve in various places through local organizations or churches while building a financial team. Lan is heading to Asia to care for orphans, and while she waits on the Lord’s timing, she finds places in her community that need her compassion. Currently, Lan volunteers with a local organization that teaches her how to befriend new refugee families. In one particular instance, an Afghan family recently arrived at the center. We shall call the husband, Abdul. “ used to work with the military in Afghanistan. He was in the right place at…
November 4, 2021
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An Imam Encourages His People to Read The Bible

By Tom from Africa God is doing some interesting things in this part of the world because recently Pastor Mamadou has been relating to me that one of the more important imams in the country has been openly encouraging his people to read the Bible to discover what it says. If you understand the history of Christianity and Islam and how they view Mohamed and the Koran, this is quite an eye opener. So, how does that relate to the work here? It is the backdrop to the wonderful opportunity that God provided recently to Pastor Mamadou who had the…
October 29, 2021
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Book Recommendations on Understanding Refugees

Are you looking for some good reading material to understand the plight of the refugee? Our colleagues recommend these books... Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places by Kate McCord "Soon after 9/11, Kate McCord left the corporate world and followed God to Afghanistan—sometimes into the reach of death. Alive but not unscathed, she has suffered the loss of many things: comfort, safety, even dear friends and fellow sojourners." Learn more In The Land of Blue Burqas by Kate McCord "Riveting and fast paced, In the Land of Blue Burqas depicts sharing the love and truth of Christ with women living…
September 21, 2021
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How to Befriend Refugees

From a worker in Europe When refugees first arrive in the US, a resettlement agency helps them with housing, health needs, education, and other practical issues. The adults have English classes provided for them for about three months. However, no adult can learn a new language in three months! They need lots of practice, much more than can take place in the classroom.  One of the best things you can do is to be an informal but intentional conversation partner. Language learners often are too shy and too lacking in confidence to impose their English struggles on others. It is…
September 20, 2021
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Jake’s Questions

By James Riggins  When invited to help with a team coming to Houston, I try to be as involved as possible. Sometimes, this is lecturing or modeling, and other times it’s observing and looking for an opportunity to speak life into someone. When a team of college students from Mississippi State University (MSU) came to town, I played both parts. During lunches, dinners, running errands, and in between the lectures, I got to know *Jake. I usually start by attempting to get to know as many of the team members as possible. In this case, Jake was the first one…
August 11, 2021
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Live Tour and Prayer Walk of Mozambique

On Friday, April 9, 2021, Rodger Schmidt gave us a live tour and prayer walk of Mozambique via Facebook Live. We have provided the edited version of the live for your viewing here as well as two other videos of Juma and Robson's testimonies on our Youtube account. Why not subscribe to our Youtube to get notified of new video uploads?  In this video, Rodger and his friends take us on a historical tour of Mozambique which includes its history, the rich culture of the people, and why Mozambique is in the news. This video is about 50 minutes in…
April 17, 2021
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Grieving Parents Find Faith and Purpose

“Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” – Psalm 54:4 Esther first met Brenda Allen in Guinea, West Africa while attending the local University and became her yard mate. Brenda and a local pastor’s wife discipled Esther. Esther would teach children in the local language at Sunday School as well as lead Bible clubs after school. During that time, Esther became engaged to Philip. Philip was an intern at a local campus ministry. His dream was to become a pastor. Brenda’s local church sent him to a seminary in another part of the country.…
December 11, 2020