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On Friday, January 14, 2022, Peter Persson prayed for and interviewed Mark Penner (United Bible Societies), Mary Esther Penner (WorldVenture), and Pastor Matsumoto of Yamagata Christian Deaf Church in Japan on Facebook Live on How the Japanese Deaf are Sharing the Gospel. We also featured JSL translator from Canada, Justina. Video Length: 60 minutes. 

Pictured above: This is a screenshot of a JSL Jesus Film. In the video and prayer guide, this image will help you understand JSL translation.

Most Deaf interpreters (certified, qualified interpreters) will switch out with another interpreter every 20 minutes. Mary Esther said, “Interpreters don’t sign for one hour solid without a break, especially when it’s simultaneous interpretation.  It is simply impossible to interpret what someone has just said while listening to what they are presently saying and be able to say it next, and get it all correct. And that is on top of the physical (neck, shoulder, arm, hand) involvement while being tense from the mental strain of concentration.” We appreciate Justina for her hard work during the Facebook live!

Here are ways you can help or serve: 

Do you still have questions for Mark, Mary Esther, or Pastor Matsumoto? Put them in the comments. We’ll get you some answers. 

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