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4000-241-Hahn, Nikole

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Digital Disciple-Making Coordinator

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Via digital channels, increase direct engagement with the mission and vision of WorldVenture and increase partnerships with the same.
2. Train WorldVenture workers (missionaries), partner churches, and individual partners in digital disciple-making tools, with a focus on social media.
3. Remain current and knowledgeable by actively discipling individuals via the same digital practices provided to workers and partners.

• Design and maintain digital-disciple making best practices materials in the form of seminars, webinars, and digital reference guides to provide primarily to WorldVenture workers and WorldVenture partner churches, but also secondarily to individual partners and allies interested
in digital disciple making.
• Coach WorldVenture workers and appointees in maximizing their social media channels and relationships.
• Offer consultation to WorldVenture partner churches in social media engagement, especially for Diaspora UPG’s in the WV partner churches’ reach.
• Write compelling content for digital distribution and publication, with a focus on digital disciple-making, whether reporting on or training in.
• Maximize WorldVenture’s social media channels to disciple people into devotion to Jesus Christ and direct partnership with His mission through WorldVenture.
• Monitor digital feedback loops to measure WorldVenture’s success in online messaging.
• Keep WorldVenture’s web presence, social media, digital channels, and assets current through periodic review.
• Other digital duties as assigned.

Come, follow me,” [Jesus] said, “and I’ll show you how to fish for people.” (Matthew 4:19 CEB)

To learn more about me, my experience, and what I am doing to prepare for my new role with WorldVenture, take a look at my website.

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Gospel Impact Publishing

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