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4000-045-Hutcherson, Caleb and Nicolette

Caleb and Nicolette have been serving in Beirut, Lebanon since 2008 in the areas of theological education and compassion ministries.

Caleb serves on the faculty of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary. With the shift to online learning in 2020, ABTS students are now able to study contextually developed theology while remaining in their home countries all over the Middle East and North Africa. Caleb teaches in the areas of historical and practical theology.

Beyond his work in academia, Caleb also serves with Tahaddi, a Lebanese NGO that offers holistic support to families facing extreme economic hardship. Caleb’s current and past roles have included serving on the board and consulting for vocational training and livelihood projects.

Nicolette works with Safe Haven Society, which for 12 years ran a foster home for abused and disadvantaged girls before making the transition into community center-based ministry. Safe Haven’s programs currently include non-formal education for kids who have never been to school, after school tutoring, a daily hot meal for registered children, and a weekly Bible program.

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Projects to Support
* Children of Tahaddi
* Safe Haven Society
* Refugees & At-Risk Families

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