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4000-045-Hutcherson, Caleb and Nicolette

Caleb and Nicolette have been serving in Beirut, Lebanon since 2008, in the areas of theological education and compassion ministries.

The Hutchersons are working in partnership with Ras Beirut Baptist Church, an evangelical church in the heart of Beirut with a long history of ministry to those living in Lebanon and its neighboring countries.

In addition to ministry with the church, Caleb is on faculty at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary. With the shift to online learning, ABTS students are now able to get a theology degree while remaining in their home countries all over the Middle East and North Africa.

Nicolette currently serves as the director of Safe Haven Society, which for 12 years ran a foster home for abused and disadvantaged girls before making the transition away from residential care into community center-based ministry. She also works in the refugee community as well as leading educational and outreach ministries through their church.

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Projects to Support
* Children of Tahaddi
* Safe Haven Society
* Refugees & At-Risk Families

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