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4000-245-Roth, Emily

Emily Roth serves in media ministry throughout Greater Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

WorldVenture has over 150 global workers serving God throughout the region of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Each of these workers has witnessed amazing stories of answered prayers, the transformational power of the Holy Spirit, God’s great grace, and more. Unfortunately, many of these stories never reach the North American Church.

Emily Roth’s passion and calling is to use multimedia to share powerful God-stories that encourage believers serving at home and strengthen their connection with God’s global work. Emily has specialized as a writer, photographer, and filmmaker in order to pursue this ministry.

Based in Spain, Emily also participates in a local community center. This outreach is strategically located to serve North African immigrants from unreached people groups. Emily provides media assistance as well as general support in ministry to women and girls. More information about the community center can be read on its project description (code 6422-917).

Blogs and Articles on
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* What You Should Know Before Your Short Term Trip
* Going on Mission, Into Exile, and Back
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* Amazing God

Publications by WorldVenture:
* Waiting For Christmas, Day 8

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