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Emprendimiento Mundial

We are a multicultural community of Jesus’ disciples committed to learning about and introducing people to the God of the Bible so that lives could be transformed through His saving grace. EM is a registered non-profit with the mission of seeing lives changed through integral mission projects in Jesus’ name and the legal identity WorldVenture [...]


(Leadership, Evangelism, Acquisition of language, Discipleship) led by Jhonny Orozco [...]


Sports ministry in Bolivia. [...]

Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines

WorldVenture workers began planting churches in partnership with Filipino Christians in the 1950's. The churches they planted eventually formed the Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines (CBAP). Six decades of partnership in ministry has bonded WorldVenture closely with CBAP, which continues to be the primary partnership of WorldVenture in the Philippines. WorldVenture works closely with [...]

Global Apprentice

Live with locals. Build relationships. Learn language and culture. Share Christ with people around you. Experience cross-cultural life and ministry. Work with experienced missionaries. Discover how to be an intentional Christian wherever you are. Do all of this and more, while being surrounded by a community of believers who guide, challenge, and mentor you along [...]

FH Madrid

Leganés has a population of 185,000 with about 7,000 being from North Africa. They are mainly from the Rifi Berber, Magreb Arab and Jebala Arab people groups. Isolation and non-integration are quite common among these people groups living in Leganés. The Leganés Community Center is an outreach effort focused on North African immigrants who live [...]