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The Center for Publication of Evangelical Literature (CPE)

The Center for Publication of Evangelical Literature (CPE) is working hard to develop grass-roots African Christian writers. In the past, most evangelical literature in the French language has been written by expatriates. [...]


RiskRide is a unique tool and method for helping initiate life changing conversations using Japanese manga as a story springboard. People are trained to use the manga for deepening a discussion to provide emotional care and take initiative in evangelism. Currently the tool is in three languages and has been introduced in 15 countries. Currently [...]

Vida Nova

Vida Nova (New Life) is a leading publishing ministry located in Sao Paulo. The goal of the ministry is to provide pastors, seminary students, and other church leaders in the Portuguese-speaking world with academic resources. Vida Nova has over 450 titles in its catalog, helping church leaders and pastors develop their faith and ministries. [...]