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By Matt Shiner, a mentor 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over six months since the last chapter we penned in Imama’s life. At that time, we asked the LORD to evacuate them within two weeks.  According to Evangelist Luis Palau, there are five ways that God answers prayer:

  1. Yes, I thought you’d never ask!
  2. No, I love you too much.
  3. Yes, and here is even more!
  4. Yes, but not yet.
  5. Yes, but differently from what you thought.

Since the beginning of the year, Imama and her family have experienced large doses of #4 and #5.

I can share with you that they are in a fairly safe place. Please pray about some health issues that would be better treated in their destination European country.

We are in regular contact with her. They know that we and many others are praying daily for their well-being, which includes spiritual, safety, medical, emotional, and psychological. They are very thankful that their nutrition and housing are being provided by their country of evacuation.

Quotes from Imama:

  • “I believe that everything will happen in it’s best way as long as we have your prayers with us. Whenever we want to go out we check everything of [local] security situation as you know there are many street protests. So, we try to be very careful to stay away of more problems.”
  • [After we shared that we are becoming grandparents for the twelfth time]: “Wow, so good news from you. I am very happy to hear it. Thank you for sharing this great news and please say my greetings to lucky mom. Whenever God give us a child, you will be her/his grandparents too. You have done many things for me and my family, same parents do for their children. We are praying to receive our visas soon. I believe God hears your and our voices and will reply at the best time. I love you so much and praying for you.”
  • “We are all doing well. These days mostly we spend our time at home watching TV and playing. As you know our visas has expired a long time ago so if the police asks about our visas while we are outside, it could be a serious problem. We have completely trust on your prayers and are thankful of you and each of your kind friends. Love you too.”
  • [After sharing that one of the names of God in the Bible is Jehovah-Jireh, which means, “The Lord will provide.”] “Thank you so much sir. You are always here God🙏Jehovah-jireh.”

As we in America celebrate July 4 and the freedom we enjoy, you can imagine the long road that Imama and her family have until they experience freedom again. But they endure on the backs of your and our faithful prayers.

Thank you, dear readers, for your concern and prayers. Mrs. Shiner and I would like to add one more request since we are planning to be in Europe two months from now. We would love to meet up with Imama and her family in person. Will God provide answer #1 (James 4:2b)?

We praise God for each of you and are very grateful for your steadfastness as a prayer warrior! God bless you!

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Online Challenge: 

On your social media, share the link to this blog post with a prayer written out for Imama. Encourage others to pray. Even after the news cycle is done with Afghanistan, we are not done praying or helping. The Afghanistan fund continues to assist refugees and help with critical needs. 


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Pictured: image from Pixabay, not representative of Imama. 

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