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By Matt Shiner, a mentor

Amongst Jesus’ followers, the noun sanctification is normally applied to how we, as we trust and obey the Holy Spirit, become more like Jesus.

Have you ever considered whether our plans can be sanctified?

“The mind of a person plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.”
Proverbs 16:9

This chapter of Imama’s life illustrates the validity of plans being sanctified. In the previous chapter, her family was moving from safe house to safe house to avoid the Taliban’s sweeps through the city. Each move was intended to be constantly safe until evacuation could be arranged. But the Lord directed their steps to maintain their safety.

We have consciously been in constant communion with the Lord and sharing with Imama. We also send God’s word in Farsi which she reads to the whole family.

Here are two messages from us and her comments [sic] back to us:

  • [We wrote: I am working on backup options for both food and money. We are lifting these requests up to the Lord. “Jehovah Jireh” is one of the many names that describe God. It means “God will provide.” It was the name of the location where Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac. We can thank Jehovah Jireh in advance, for what He will do.]
    • [Reply] “We will keep saying this name of God and praying too. Thank you, sir.”
  • [We wrote: We have and will keep praying fiercely for all of you for protecting with the covering of the blood of Jesus Christ! You all will be surrounded by His guardian angels. Love you sweet Imama and your whole family, too! Peace be with you all and hopefully some sleep and no fear. Hugs and love to all!]
    • [Reply] “Whenever we face with huge problems and everywhere is fear and no anyway, I remember your prays and think that a big number of good people are pray for us constantly, I feel comfortable and know God is with us and no one can harm us. You are in my heart in the every moment of hardships and difficulties. Love you and appreciate.” 

The plan we envision today has Imama’s family safely in a European country in two weeks. We eagerly ask the Lord to sanctify these plans to coincide with His plan.

Leave a note below for Imama, and we will pass it along to her family.


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Image by bess hamiti from Pixabay

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