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6434-907-Blue House (Niebieski Dom)

Blue House operates throughout the country of Poland. Their three main areas of ministry are: Children -Helping young people get involved in ministry. -Organizing Christian camps for children and teenagers. -Leading “Missions Weekends” for youth in partnership with local churches. Families: -Organizing events that strengthen and encourage families to live in accordance with God's Word. -Providing counseling and organizing assistance for those who need it. Orphans: -Organizing camps for children from children's homes. -Searching for families for abandoned children. -Leading regular ministries in children's homes. This special project will be used to support specific ministries of Blue House that are…
April 19, 2024

6431-909-Jette Church

The Jette church special project helps the Communauté Chrétienne de Jette in reimbursing its loan for the purchase of its property. This will free up funds and enable new projects.
December 23, 2023


This project seeks to help finance the translation of short top quality videos that explain the Bible and biblical truths such that people increase in their knowledge and understanding of God's word.
November 29, 2023

6422-906-LYNAY Foundation

The mission of the LYNAY Foundation Initiative is to be a catalyst for building bridges of understanding that will span the communication, truth, and freedom barriers so as to enable people to engage in, and be transformed by, mutually beneficial conversations. We envision people of all religious convictions engaging each other in mutually beneficial conversations in which all parties are able to effectively, accurately, and freely make known their most cherished values, beliefs and convictions such that people’s lives will be transformed for the better. This initiative is motivated by the desire to honor God and put into practice His…
November 29, 2023


Galway City Baptist Church planted by WorldVenture workers in the early 2000’s is dreaming big! Watch this video! We dream of being able to support our own pastor, and we dream of having our very own permanent facility. As our church begins to intentionally pray for and pursue these dreams, we also want to invite others into this process. Would you please pray with us that we would seek the Lord’s will, being fully content in however He chooses to work in His infinite wisdom? Also, if a house for a future pastor or permanent space for our church is…
August 29, 2023

6407-903-Crosslight Church Plant

Crosslight Evangelical Church of Leopoldau is a new church plant in the northern part of Vienna. Launched in the fall of 2021 by WorldVenture missionaries Nate & Bethany Johnson, in partnership with a team of locals, Crosslight seeks to be a light for Jesus in a country where there is little gospel witness and few churches preaching the gospel. Geographically, Crosslight is located in a strategic area that is densely populated, right near a key subway line and where there is no other evangelical church in the surrounding area. In it's early stages, Crosslight will benefit from financial support to…
December 1, 2022

6407-902-Vision for Vienna

Refugees come from many different places around the world, often met by a new home ill equipped to handle them. This special project aims to bring immediate relief upon entry for refugees, assist in searching for long term solutions, and to launch a community center. Many of the refugees arriving in Vienna have no money, food, housing, or belongings. All or most of their things have been left behind. The Government has funding for them, but barely enough to buy the necessities life requires. Through contributing to the Special Project, you will be helping in a practical way getting refugees…
May 4, 2022

6440-902-Ukraine Relief Fund

Thank you for making meaningful, sacrificial contributions to WorldVenture's Ukraine Relief Fund. Your gifts are being used to meet the immediate needs of Ukrainian refugees and to provide short-term aid and relief in the war-zone. The Ukraine Relief Fund team has also identified mid-term crisis assistance for ministry partners in Ukraine and is working with Ukrainian ministry leaders to support long-term, strategic goals for rebuilding. We ask for your prayers and financial support as we join our Ukrainian sisters and brothers in grieving, healing, and rebuilding, even as disciple-making continues in Ukraine and surrounding regions. Thank you for joining us…
April 14, 2022

6443-911-Disciples Church in Tirana

This project will assist in meeting the spiritual and economic needs of members of Disciples Church in Tirana, Albania and to assist the church in meeting the spiritual needs of the community surrounding the church.
May 11, 2020

6422-917-FH Community Center Madrid

The Community Center is located in a neighborhood of North African immigrants from the Rif Berber people group. The purpose of the Community Center is to serve as a hub for the community-based outreach project that Dan and Eva Anderson have been conducting in the neighborhood since 2009. PROBLEM In many of the larger cities of Europe there are neighborhoods that are experiencing a significant influx of immigrants and/or refugees from diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The emergence of these neighborhoods is creating new and unique challenges on many levels but also a great opportunity to promote Christian community…
December 9, 2019

6410-911-Strasbourg Community Center

- To facilitate the integration of marginalized peoples into the fabric and ways of life in their new community. - To create a space to restore the dignity, value, purpose, and competency of the whole person for the benefit of the individual, the family, and the community. - To catalyze the contribution of one's unique identity and culture for the good of society. - To find people of peace in order to help them discover the Gospel, be restored in Christ, and sent on mission to facilitate the multiplication of disciples and churches in the 8 neighborhoods of Strasbourg comprised…
December 9, 2019

6410-908-The New Church in Torcy, France

This project will permit the growing and dynamic new church plant in Torcy, France, to buy and adapt a 260M2 (2,800 sq. ft.) building that would allow it to continue to grow and expand its ministry in the city. They have outgrown their current facilities and, as a result, their ministry impact is being lessened. PROBLEM The New Torcy Church is a growing dynamic young church plant. That is the good news! Today, though, our challenge is that we've outgrown our worship space. Our 860 sq. ft. is just too small for our congregation of 85. As a result we…
December 9, 2019

6422-907-ZECNT Translation

The Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (ZECNT) is uniquely helpful in that it is strategically-packaged conservative scholarship to assist conscientious preachers who are short on time. This project seeks to assist in funding the translation of the entire 20-volume series over the next 10 years (2016-2026). PROBLEM A great majority of pastors in the Spanish-speaking world are often both bi-vocational and limited in scholarly resources and training. VISION To translate the entire ZECNT Series into Spanish and use it as a cornerstone in an ongoing effort to promote, teach and support the growth and quality of scripturally-controlled expositional…
December 9, 2019


We are presently working on the NIV Study Bible notes for the N.T. in the Slovene language. Also, a translation of Mere Christianity was released by a Slovene publisher in 1990. However, it contains significant errors and will need to be re-worked. This will be another key book for evangelism.
December 9, 2019

6410-903-France Belgium Bible Institute

The goal of this project is to provide a way for those in the U.S. to financially support the Belgian Bible Institute in Brussels, Belgium. The Belgian Bible Institute is the only French-speaking evangelical school for training church leaders in Belgium. It has existed for almost 100 years and is experiencing a time of renewed growth and influence. PROBLEM The school needs funds to help pay faculty. Tuition payment in Belgium is minimal and does not cover the cost. Student scholarships are also needed. Funds are needed to maintain the facilities and maybe one day to buy their own facility.
December 9, 2019

6410-904-Chevry-Brie Worship Center

The WorldVenture France team is in the process of advancing the worldwide objective of establishing new churches. We are starting with a church in the Brie region of France, specifically in the town of Chevry-Cossigny, which will serve a larger community including the hub city of Brie-Comte-Robert. They are unable to invite anyone due to lack of space. This new facility would have an immediate impact on attendance, membership, and lives reached by the gospel of Jesus Christ! PROBLEM People are begging to attend this church, but we just cannot open our doors to the general public because we have…
December 9, 2019


At SlavicWorship, we embrace Jesus’ words: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12) Formerly known as "RussiaWorship," our SlavicWorship team members have had moments in their lives over the years where they could have abandoned the calling to share the 'Light of Life'. And now, when the darkness is as deep as we have seen in a long while, there are tremendous challenges. But, the darker the night, the brighter the light shines. The very darkness that threatens to defeat us brings about…
December 9, 2019

6443-909-Kenedi Safe Home for Girls

At the most basic level, Albania lacks the social services infrastructure necessary to house and care for girls rescued from abuse. The Korçë Evangelical Church and the Kenedi Foundation saw this need and believed that a Christ centered care home should be opened to provide refuge for these girls. So, in 2004 we opened the Kenedi Safe Home for Girls. Girls who were once sexually abused, beaten and severely neglected are now loved, growing and thriving. They are surrounded by people who want the best for them and who would never hurt them. They are safe. PROBLEM In Albania, national…
December 9, 2019

6431-905-The Parchment Project

WHAT IS THE PARCHMENT PROJECT? The Parchment Project (TPP) introduced its unique 2-page layout to WorldVenture in 2014. The panoramic view of the text enhances personal engagement with the Scriptures. As a result, reading entire letters on 2 facing pages becomes inviting, rather than overwhelming. The ten longer books of the New Testament benefit from the same layout. Consequently, readers work through these lengthy books in bite-size pieces because their major sections fit on 2-pages or less. In the blink of an eye, readers analyze parts and synthesize the whole with greater agility. • TPP's New Testament Study Bible features:…
December 9, 2019

6430-907-Watson Ministry Travel-Russia

This fund will contribute to travel expenses for facilitating creative and continuing church planting and church leadership development. VISION Missions is about creating and re-creating new paradigms in order to present the unchanging message of salvation through Christ alone. This requires flexibility for all of us: the missionaries on the field and the organizations that support and send them. STRATEGY This includes new ways of considering financing travel and on-going ministry development.
December 9, 2019

6443-906-Kenedi Foundation

The Kennedy Foundation, a legal entity in Albania, serves as the compassion arm of the local evangelical church of Korca. The foundation is run by a board of directors made up of both foreign missionaries and local pastors. It is fully staffed by the church. The Kennedy Foundation supports several ministries including a medical clinic, physical therapy, elderly care, special education and a children's center. The Medical Clinic specializes in in-home wound care, diabetes testing, providing low-cost eye glasses, and other medical needs. Within the clinic, Albanian nurses have been trained to administer physical therapy for stroke patients and physically…
December 9, 2019

ESL Ministry

Hungary is undergoing many changes in its educational system in an attempt to catch up with Western Europe. Because of this, English has become a valuable skill for Hungarians.
December 9, 2019

6437-918-Humanitarian Fund

Prompted by the possibility of natural disasters or similar emergencies in Romania that leave families in great need, it was determined that a special project be created in order to make funds available for such situations. STRATEGY Requirements for usage of the funds are to be similar to WorldVenture's requirement for the Good Samaritan Fund. Once requirements are met, approval for release and distribution of funds would be made at the field level. The second part of this project is to aid families or individuals in need of food, clothing, medication, or other humanitarian-oriented needs.
December 9, 2019


Money from this fund goes toward the production and printing of materials and textbooks used in WorldVenture's work in Romania. Distributing Bibles is made possible by these resources as well. PROBLEM Quality Christian literature is not always accessible to the church in Romania. There remains a need for quality Christian literature to be translated and printed for the church. There also is a need to make existing Christian literature available to the church. VISION This project will enable WorldVenture Romania to acquire and produce quality Christian books for the edification and equipping of the church.
December 9, 2019

6437-908-Camps & Retreats

This project provides funds for camps and retreats in Romania. Young people enjoy attending the events. Funds from this project will be used to conduct a variety of camps and retreats throughout the year. STRATEGY Camps and retreats have proven to be successful in introducing Romanians to Jesus Christ. Often Romanians expect to participate in some sort of Christian camp or retreat during the summer.
December 9, 2019

6439-908-Youth Prague

The purpose of the project is to help fund strategic youth ministries in Prague, Czech Republic, to Czechs, international third culture kids (TCKs) and missionary kids (MKs). PROBLEM The Czech Republic is the most atheistic country in Europe. Yet after decades of communism and consumerism, the people are spiritually hungry. Children and youth, especially, are open to connecting with the Christian community through activities offered by Youth Prague. VISION Our hope and prayer is that as these ministries grow, many more Czech and international kids will become committed followers of Jesus Christ, helping to advance WorldVenture's first worldwide objective. STRATEGY…
December 9, 2019

6434-905-Church Building Fund

This project will provide funds for a new church building in Lubin, Poland. The land is already purchased, so the needs are for the cost of the architectural drawings, the materials, and the labor. PROBLEM Currently we meet in a small storefront building, and we are quickly outgrowing it. Our Sunday morning attendance is averaging around 40, which fills our meeting room. The language school, with 120 students, uses every inch of the building, in addition to an off-site classroom in a nearby building. Since we are a relatively small group, we are requesting your help in erecting this new…
December 9, 2019

6454-902-Safe Haven Society

- Safe Haven Society opened its doors in 2007 with Safe Haven Home for Girls, a foster home for abused and disadvantaged girls in Beirut, Lebanon. In 2019, Safe Haven started the transition towards non-residential care, first with an online homework help program for children affected by the Beirut explosion, and then opening the doors of its community center in 2021. Safe Haven currently runs a morning program for children who have never been to school, as well as an afternoon program for children who do attend school but need extra academic support. In addition to educational programs, the children…
December 9, 2019

6454-901-Children of Tahaddi

Tahaddi (“challenge” in Arabic) is a Lebanese NGO established in 2008 to respond transformatively to the challenges of urban poverty in Hay el Gharbeh, southern Beirut. Tahaddi works with families in Hay el Gharbeh who face extreme socioeconomic hardship. Tahaddi operates community-based centers, focused on providing non-formal education, psychosocial support, and health services. In addition, it runs an income-generating sewing workshop. Tahaddi’s programs prioritize vulnerable Lebanese families, including members of the Dom ethnic minority. Tahaddi also works with refugees, victims of conflict and discrimination, migrants, and other stateless populations, irrespective of nationality, religion or social background. The Tahaddi staff is…
December 9, 2019

Youth Evangelism

Lithuanian youth have been willing to attend English camps and other fun activities sponsored by the Grace Baptist Church.
December 9, 2019

6459-903-Asian Friendship

The Asian Friendship Center maintains a positive, Christian presence in the Forest Gate community of England, where many South Asians reside. Funds will be used for rent, utilities and supplies needed to support outreach programs. PROBLEM Of the more than 30,000 people in this half square mile of area, over 24,000 are South Asians, the majority being Pakistani and other Muslims. There is no other organization or church specifically reaching out to these South Asians. VISION Through the contacts made, it is hoped that many will become followers of Christ and become fruitful members in the new emerging church being…
December 9, 2019

6459-902-Sindhi Partner Travel

The International Sindhi Partnership has been formed to reach more than 25 million Sindhi people in Pakistan and around the world. An International Sindhi Partnership Consultation convened in Manila in February 2006 with the hope of seeing a church planting movement began among the Sindhis. One of the main goals of this fund is to help underwrite the cost of travel for Sindhi Christians to attend the consultation. PROBLEM Nationals coming from Pakistan and India need help with travel expenses. There are over 20 million Sindhis in India with less than 5,000 believers. WorldVenture has been working in Pakistan for…
December 9, 2019

La Elipa

La Elipa church has successfully established three churches in 20 years and hopes to begin a new work in the next five years. The church has faithfully trained many leaders who are involved in the pastorate or working toward establishing churches. Funds from this project will greatly encourage La Elipa in their church planting work and provide the necessary funds to support their efforts.
December 9, 2019

National Leadership Development Fund

This project will aid those who are willing and eager to be trained for ministry, but do not have the economic means to do so. Funds will help purchase books and other resources for those preparing to lead the church in Spain.
December 9, 2019

6433-907-Theological Edu Support

This project seeks to support theological education in the former Soviet Union in support of WorldVenture's objective to equip leaders. It will do so through a number of possible avenues -- direct support of schools and/or organizations supporting theological education; library support; and support of national post-undergraduate degrees or professional certifications.
December 9, 2019

6433-905-Kiev Theological Seminary

This project will help provide money for the Kiev Theological Seminary for the training of a new generation of leaders in the former Soviet Union. VISION The aim of this project is to train church leaders. CAPACITY Project components are: --$20,000 for operations --$5,000 for special student aid --$10,000 for building repair --$5,000 for conferences --$10,000 for educational supplies
December 9, 2019

Operation Donetsk New Church

This project will assist in establishing a church in one of the most unchurched regions of Donetsk, Ukraine. It will provide funding necessary to build the first phase of a three-phase building.
December 9, 2019

Evangelism Software

Designing and publishing professional looking printed evangelistic and training materials as well as items posted to websites and other electronic publications will greatly assist the outreach of the church.
December 9, 2019


Funds will be used to cover rent and renovation expenses related to facilities used for church worship, and evangelistic and discipleship events.
December 9, 2019


This project will help cover the costs of organizing and hosting conferences focused on developing deeper relationships with national Baptist churches. VISION This will provide opportunities to encourage the development of a church-based leadership training program among national leaders and evangelistic meetings and seminars within the community.
December 9, 2019

6454-906-Refugees & At-Risk Families

When the war in Syria started in 2011, Lebanon was flooded with families fleeing atrocity, making it the country with the most refugees per capita in the world. After the Revolution, Beirut explosion and the following economic collapse, many Lebanese families also find themselves unable to meet their basic needs. The money raised by this fund supports projects such as monthly food packets, tuition fees for school children, medical expenses, rent support, church activities and more for the most vulnerable.
December 9, 2019

Spanish Theology

This is the first project of its kind, seeking to bring together the best of digital distance education and the best of digital library resourcing for use in the Spanish-speaking world.
December 9, 2019

6431-908-Athletic-Academic Outreach

This project provides opportunities for WorldVenture personnel, local Christians, and other international agencies to engage in ministry through sports. Funds from this project will be used for equipment, and renting and maintaining FormaSport's facility. Basketball camps and clinics are held at the center as well as other sports-related events. VISION These activities look to address the needs of the mind, body and soul. They stimulate youth to establish and evaluate goals. The leaders seek to live out their faith in Jesus Christ. They use special moments to share personal testimonies and open the Bible to give devotionals which proclaim the…
December 9, 2019

6433-919-Kiev Handicapped Ministry

This project will help support ministry opportunities to the handicapped who attend Transformation Church in Kiev, Ukraine. Funds will help with remodeling the church for handicapped access, provide for staff needs and special activities. PROBLEM There are many handicapped people in the Kiev area, and many live around the church. Buildings and social care are really not set up for the handicapped, and many handicapped people are not cared for. VISION This project addresses the purposes of showing compassion and multiplying followers of Jesus Christ. STRATEGY The people at our church care about the handicapped and they help in ways…
December 9, 2019

6410-906-Pioneer Pastor Fund

This fund is in place to help support French pastors in young churches. While pastors are asked to raise most of their own salary needs, additional funds are still required. As time goes on the church will take on more of the financial need. PROBLEM Churches planted by missionaries are not always able to support their own pastor. VISION Having funds available to place a French pastor in a new area or a young church would contribute to church planting and growth of young churches. STRATEGY The church association distributes available funds on a digressive basis, with the new church…
December 9, 2019

6410-901-Faremoutiers Building Fund

Faremoutiers is a new church started in 2005 to the east of Paris, in a region where people travel many miles to find an evangelical church. People have been converted and baptized, and the church has grown to 50. PROBLEM The present need is for a permanent and visible place for worship. The need for a credible evangelical witness covers a very wide area in the east of the Paris region. The people we aim to reach primarily are in a network of towns and villages in and around Faremoutiers. Church members come from 16 different towns and villages, mostly…
December 9, 2019


MinisteriCB seeks to establish a daughter church while turning over the mother church in Lago Patria to Italian leadership. Funds from this project will help the daughter church purchase a projector and other equipment, and pay rent on their facilities. VISION Through this project, WorldVenture workers seek to provide an initial boost to assist the newly established church in rooting itself and moving forward in the community. STRATEGY The church has raised from PACT funds and offerings $700,000. They now need to finish the project. CAPACITY Acoustic equipment: $75,000 Furnishing for classrooms and offices: $135,000 Finishing building: $240,000
December 9, 2019

Cesena Church Planting

Funds will be used to assist the church in renting and remodeling their facilities. The church hopes to have a community room open to the public that provides various activities to build relationships with people to reach them for Christ. Funds will also be used in evangelistic outreach projects the church has planned for this year.
December 9, 2019

6411-911-Rome Evangelism

This project provides funds for church planting efforts in Rome, Ostia and Aprilia. Funds will be used for evangelistic outreach projects, evangelistic literature, publicity and team administration. VISION This project helps WorldVenture missionaries cultivate relationships and assist Italian church leaders who are seeking to maximize their churches' influence in the community. CAPACITY Evangelistic outreach projects: $3,000 Literature: $2,000 Publicity: $1,300 Contact evangelism: $1,700 Rome team administration: $500
December 9, 2019

6407-908-Ministry to People in Prostitution and Victims of Human Trafficking

This project supports two partnering ministries in Austria (not named for security reasons) that ministers to people in prostitution. A great majority of those in prostitution are in fact victims of human trafficking, where a mixture of force, fraud, or coercion was used to bring them into this situation. One major component of the ministry is regular street and brothel outreaches, where a ministry team seeks to build relationships with those in prostitution, share Christ’s love, and provide care and assistance for those wishing to leave prostitution. These wrap-around services include language and job skills training, help with immigration documents,…
December 9, 2019

Arab Woman Today

An exciting new ministry on the radio and Internet is "Arab Woman Today." It is an outreach directed toward Arabic-speaking women throughout the world. This program provides words of encouragement to this specific group of women. Funds will be used to support this program.
December 9, 2019

6418-904-Theological Education-PTEE Since 1981, the Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE) has been equipping Arab Christians for leadership through evangelical theological education wherever they live in the Arab world. PTEE's partners in ministry share: 1) PTEE's strategic passion for the Arabic-speaking peoples of the MENA region, 2) PTEE's vision for on-location training and discipleship of current and emerging leaders in the Arab world, 3) PTEE's academic commitment to producing and delivering the highest caliber Arabic-language theological curriculum and educational methodologies in use presently. With classes operating in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, and other parts of the MENA…
December 9, 2019

6418-903-Whitman Academy Expansion

Give to the Roy and Dora Whitman Academy – A Christian School in the Holy Land! Roy and Dora Whitman Academy provides a rich curriculum led by committed Christian teachers in Amman, Jordan. The Whitman Academy team creates an environment where students from many nationalities are challenged to integrate a Christian worldview into all their studies. The curriculum also guides students to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of everyone in the Whitman Academy community and beyond. When students go to other places, they have a foundation for learning, living, and loving as disciples of the Lord Jesus…
December 9, 2019

6443-902-Kenedi Children’s Center & Home

Funds will be used to support the Kennedy Children's Center and Home. PROBLEM These children have homes, but are sent to beg from morning until often late at night. Many times these children have been provided very little food to sustain themselves, are almost always dirty and unkempt to appeal to those they are begging from. Many children have no opportunity to receive an education and many times do not even know their own age. Their parent(s) are many times uneducated, without work and often do not properly care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of their children. VISION…
December 9, 2019