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Fashion Designer / Entrepreneur

Sarobidy Creations began to come alongside the hard working yet impoverished women who have graduated from the Sarobidy Maternity Center. In doing so, women who are employed with Sarobidy Creations are trained in the art of jewelry making, sewing, and other artisan designs and are able to provide for their families through employment. Sarobidy Creations [...]


Oversee the large fleet of vehicles, boats, quads, and motorcycles associated with the work of the Sarobidy Maternity Center and Eden Reforestation Projects. Develop a training program with Malagasy men who are interested in mechanics. [...]

English Teacher for Seminary

English was declared a national language of Madagascar in 2007. However the majority of the Malagasy people don’t speak or understand English despite the great desire and need.CEFOI, a Seminary that WorldVenture has worked with in the past, desires an English teacher for their students, as well as their professors and staff members. English is [...]

Licensed Midwife

Women throughout the world deliver their babies at home, alone and unassisted. Other times, they deliver in facilities that are understocked in equipment, medications and professional resources. In both instances, when complications arise, disaster ensues. Babies die, women die, children are orphaned and families are broken. Madagascar is no different. A woman’s lifetime risk that [...]