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Medical and Nursing Instructors

Nurses and Physicians: Use your medical knowledge and experience to teach medical personnel in Mongolia. [...]

JCS Funding and Communications Management Director

JCS International NGO is a relief and development organisation in Mongolia. We are dedicated to see Mongolians building and restoring their families, churches and communities. We work through our own projects as well as placing experienced foreign volunteers in educational institutes and other organisations. To learn more, please visit our website, We are seeking [...]

Computer Specialist

Use your experience with computers to create and teach computer courses to Mongolian nationals. [...]

Community Health Care Specialist

Use your community health training and experience to reach out to Mongolians. [...]

Engineering Lecturer

Develop relationships with Mongolians and reach out to them through teaching Engineering courses. [...]

English Teacher

Use your experience teaching English to reach out to Mongolians. [...]

Micro Finance, Micro Credit Specialist

Investigate and/or create new opportunities for business ventures through Micro d/credit loans. [...]

Pediatric Physical Therapist

Use your physical therapy training to help disabled children in Mongolia. [...]

Social Worker

Use your experience and training in Social Work to equip Mongolians to reach out to those in need in their communities. Length of service is 6 months to a lifetime. [...]

Agro Business Specialist

Use your skills in business and knowledge in agriculture to manage agro business ventures. [...]

Business Development Facilitator

Use your interest and experience in business to reach the people of Mongolia. [...]

Sports Ministry

Use your love of sports to reach out to the youth and adults in Mongolia. [...]

Addiction Recovery Counselor

Train local Christians to host recovery groups. Support other project goals as well. [...]

Medical Advisor

Provide medical advice and care for staff at Joint Christian Services (JCS) and related ministries. [...]

University Teachers

Teach at a university that is committed to providing quality education and creating an environment supportive of ministry. [...]