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University Professors

Come be a light for Christ in Central Asia. Teach in a local university in the subject of your advanced degree. Learn the language. Engage in building community and relationships. [...]

University and ESL Outreach

The shortage of practicing Christians in France means there are large segments of French society that lack a Gospel presence. Be a light for the good news of Jesus Christ through living and working in this context. [...]

Professor for Bible College, Seminary

ESEPA is an interdenominational evangelical Bible college and seminary, a partner school of Overseas Council International and affiliated with AETAL. ESEPA was founded in 1983 in response to the need for training evangelical Protestant ministers in Costa Rica; today its training extends to Christian educators, teachers and transcultural workers. The faculty consists of missionaries and [...]

Bible College Teacher / Discipler

Rwanda is at a historically critical moment. Being internationally recognized as the leading example of post-war development, ministries in Rwanda have a unique opportunity to prepare for the church in Rwanda leadership that will speak with a Christian voice toward the future of the church and the country. New Creation Ministries (NCM) has an incredible [...]

Seminary Teacher

Professors are needed at several seminaries, in various parts of the Philippines, such as International Graduate School of Leadership and Asian Theological Seminary in Manila, Asian Theological Seminary’s branch in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, and its Pastoral Advancement Program based out of Bacolod, and Koinonia Theological Seminary in Davao City, Mindanao. The Philippines has many [...]

Seminary Professor - Multiple Locations

Significantly impact young Christian workers and help strengthen the next generation of Indonesian leaders. [...]

Missions Professor

In northern Ivory Coast less than 1% of the people are believers. Join WorldVenture and the national church in reaching out to the population and by training key nationals in missions and evangelism. They hope to create a university and you could teach there also. [...]

English Professor

Reach out to the people of Ivory Coast where less than 1% of the people are believers. Train key nationals in English and assist their dream to create a Christian university. [...]

Theological Educator / Bible Teacher

Teach Theology or related courses. Help develop national church leaders through teaching as well as sharing your life with students. [...]

Professor of Counseling

Teaching masters-level counseling to Christian leaders from 20 countries at Singapore Bible College. [...]

University Professor (any subject)

We desire that the people of Uganda become well-educated and contributing citizens of integrity, godly family members, and globally-focused church leaders, in order to impact all sectors of society and the world for the glory of God. This will be realized through academic, vocational, and spiritual training of excellence. Your role could be through teaching [...]

University Teachers

Teach at a university that is committed to providing quality education and creating an environment supportive of ministry. [...]

Old Testament, Pastoral Training, Christian Education, Missions/Missiology

ESEPA BIBLE COLLEGE AND SEMINARY is seeking missionary professors to teach full-time in San Jos_, Costa Rica. ESEPA is an evangelical, non-denominational organization with programs on the bachelor, master and diploma level. It has been prominent in preparing leaders throughout Spanish-speaking America (see [...]