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Urban Outreach and Discipleship

Cooperate with a local evangelical church in discipleship and outreach ministries, focusing on university and working age young people. [...]

Children’s Ministry

We would joyfully welcome individuals and families interested in planting seeds of faith, love and salvation in Jesus Christ in the younger generations. [...]

Student Ministry

Coming alongside 15,000 university students in our local community is a huge opportunity for evangelism and discipleship. Some of the possible avenues of building bridges with students would be teaching English, teaching computer skills or engaging in sports ministry. [...]


We are seeking and praying for individuals who have a heart for sharing the good news of salvation to the unreached through relationships, evangelism and disciple making. We believe this will result in total transformation of individuals and families, who will then impact their communities for holistic transformation. [...]

Beach Camp Facilities Manager

WorldVenture Senegal needs a hands-on Camp Manager to maintain the camp and manage the calendar. Nestled between a picturesque fishing village and European tourist dominated beaches on the beautiful West Africa Atlantic Ocean Shore, WorldVenture owns and maintains an evangelistic and discipleship retreat center / camp. Young people hear about God, process away from pressure, [...]

DMM Leader / Trainer

A new DMM HUB and missional community is starting in SE Asia with the focus of reaching UPGs. There is a need for an experienced DMM leader and trainer to join the team. [...]

University / Hostel Ministry

Senegal is 95% Muslim and at most .1% Evangelical Christian. WorldVenture is related to some 27 churches primarily among the Serere People. Believers from these churches and others come to university in Dakar. Your opportunity to come alongside young Christians at the university could have a huge impact: • Ground them in their faith (1/2 [...]

The Unknown Role

Senegal is 95% Muslim and at most .1% Evangelical Christian. The Wolof are the dominant people group, but there are only about 100 known believers among them. Are you thinking of a way to reach people with the Gospel for the Kingdom? We’d like to hear your idea for outreach. We are open to new [...]

Outreach to Indians Living in the Philippines

Disciple-making and church planting among Indians in the Philippines. Since the partition of India in 1947, there have been many Punjabis, Sindhis, and Sikhs living in the Philippines. For the most part, they have been ignored by evangelical missionaries and the Philippine church. In recent years, many thousands of university students from India have been [...]

Bilingual Church Assistant

Serve with the Wu Chang Bilingual Ministry, a fellowship of a large church in the modern city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Ministry opportunities include leading Bible studies, preaching, participating in small groups, and helping build connections with new seekers. [...]

Church Planting & Outreach

French evangelical churches are in diverse stages of growth, with a variety of ministry needs. Use your giftings and passion for church ministry to come alongside and contribute to existing church ministries in France, or develop new and creative ministries with a national team. [...]

Campus Ministry

Lead the charge in reaching the next generation of university students in Indonesia with of Gospel of Jesus Christ in partnership with the local church. One year internship available. [...]

Parachurch Ministry Support

With such a small evangelical population, many ministries in France rely on the support of missionaries and volunteers to accomplish mission-critical tasks. Use your giftings and career skills to contribute to fill and support essential ministry roles. [...]

Short-Term Teams

Church Partnership Evangelism, CPE, is a long term evangelistic and discipleship model that is executed by short term mission teams from the U. S. partnered with Philippine churches. The short term component of this model is intentional and relational and enables members of local churches to effectively evangelize family, friends and co-workers. The long term [...]

Disciple Making Movement for Followers Of Islam

Live your faith out loud among followers of Islam unreached people groups (UPG), working alongside an experienced multicultural missionary team as you help to facilitate disciple-making movements among the 10 UPGs of SE Asia. [...]

Pioneer Worker To Unreached People

This is an opportunity for someone who wants to live and work in a pioneering area in order to reach unreached and possibly unengaged peoples. It would require a creative access platform. The goal would be to see a movement of disciples making disciples, churches planting churches, and leaders developing leaders. [...]

Church Planter

Take the Gospel to a least-evangelized people, 100% animist, the "Black Cebaara" - where the language is not yet written. [...]

Relational Evangelism

Use English teaching and other creative access means to build redemptive relationships with people in Unreached People Group areas in Indonesia. [...]

Hindu Project - Bali

Indonesia has the largest population of followers of Islam in the world, but the island of Bali is predominantly Hindu. Come and join the outreach efforts to the majority people group of Bali as well as help train nationals for outreach. [...]

National Church Ministry

The WorldVenture Spain field is looking for qualified people who have a burden for Spain and who would be willing to work in the context of the local Spanish church through discipleship, mentoring, teaching, evangelism and leadership development. [...]


In northern Ivory Coast less than 1% of the people are believers. Join WorldVenture and the national church in building relationships and sharing Christ. [...]

Refugee Compassion Ministry

Do you have a passion for reaching people from many nations with the gospel? The Austria team is seeking a Refugee/Compassion Ministry Worker to share the love of Christ and the hope of the gospel with refugees from many nations—at least 50% of whom are Muslims and originate from 10/40 Window countries. Austria Opportunities Video. [...]

Ministry to Professionals / Government Officials

Ministry to Professionals and Government officials was identified as a need by both missionaries and Uganda church leaders. Your opportunity is to come join UgandaVenture and especially focus on winning and discipling professionals and/or Government Officials through mentoring, discipleship, using a variety of contextualized training venues and methodologies. [...]

Apprentice Program Mentor

The last 20 years of ministry in Uganda has produced almost 2000 Baptist Churches. However, the Church remains a mile wide and an inch deep. To meet this challenge professionals need to integrate work with discipleship. Intro The Internship in Discipleship and The Ideas Workshop. High school graduates are trained in metal fabrication and carpentry [...]