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Community Center English Teachers

At the Community Center in Strasbourg, there will be opportunities for language teachers to assist in teaching English to individuals and families in our multicultural neighborhood. Our center will offer language classes and conversation practice several times per week. There are opportunities to invest deeply in our families through this much-needed skill. [...]

ESL Teacher to Adults

Teach English to adults at an established English center in a capital city of North Africa. There are also evening conversation clubs which help strengthen students’ abilities to speak and understand English. Through teaching and conversation groups, relationships are built for sharing with students the Hope that is within us. Available time frames: 2 months, [...]

English Teacher and Conversation Partner

The chance to practice speaking English with a "native speaker" is still a draw to people in Poland. Through this avenue, you will have many opportunities to build relationships that often lead to open doors for evangelism. Classes are generally small to facilitate conversation, and many people choose to meet one-on-one. Whether you have a [...]

TEFL/TESOL Internship

Needing to complete a TEFL/TESOL internship for your schooling and/or certificate? Already have a TEFL/TESOL certificate and are looking to get more experience while simultaneously blessing the Japanese church with your God-given talents? Come work with one of our several Japanese churches and/or ministries who are eager to partner together with you! Of the few [...]

Church Intern

Come serve alongside one of our many WorldVenture planted churches here in Japan. By God's grace most all of our churches are being led by Japanese national pastors and congregants who are pouring themselves out to serve and build up the churches God has called them to. They have vision and passion to reach more [...]

Outreach and English Camp Intern

Note: This opportunity is available beginning June 2025. This summer ministry gives the intern the chance to experience a variety of ministry opportunities in Austria. You will have the chance to learn and practice relational evangelism skills connecting with other students in a basic German class, experience firsthand the spiritual and ministry needs in Austria [...]

English Teacher

Teach English is a means to build redemptive relationships with unreached urban people in Myanmar. [...]

TESOL (EFL/ESL) Teacher/Intern

Restoration Ministries exists to transform underprivileged children and their communities through the good news of Jesus Christ, equipping them to serve. We have a great need for native English speakers to teach and practice English with students in our English School. We offer free classes to kids in the slums and additionally have started a [...]

English Teacher for Seminary

English was declared a national language of Madagascar in 2007. However the majority of the Malagasy people don’t speak or understand English despite the great desire and need.CEFOI, a Seminary that WorldVenture has worked with in the past, desires an English teacher for their students, as well as their professors and staff members. English is [...]

English Language Teachers

Teach English as a second language to Polish teens and adults and develop relationships that will lead to opportunities to share the Gospel. Join a team in which the language school is an outreach of the local evangelical church. [...]

English Teacher / Evangelism

Work on a team of nationals and foreigners to reach the countrys Unreached People Groups (UPGs), teaching English as a platform. [...]

English Language Teacher (ESL)

Serve within New Creation Ministries' ESL program as a teacher, providing Rwandese Christian leaderss the invaluable opportunity to improve their capacity to lead the church in Rwanda as well as to prepare themselves for theological study. [...]

Cross-Cultural Ministry Internship

Gain valuable experience working with children of families in Diaspora, (living outside their traditional homeland) in a local community center context. [...]

Summer ESL Workers

To assist in the ministry of Japanese CB churches in teaching conversational English. [...]

ESL Teacher

The majority of the nursing staff at SCH are young women with a basic 10th grade education who are trained on site to be nurse aides. Some would like to continue their education and become midwives. However, the interview for midwifery school requires an English exam and the girls are having difficulty passing the exam. [...]

ESL Teacher

Provide regional pastors/Bible students opportunities to learn English in order to increase their opportunities to minister in public schools as well as to the educated. [...]