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University Librarian

Join the team in Rwanda in the ministry of theological education! We have a 12,000 volume library that needs exceptional skills of someone passionate about developing this awesome resource. [...]

Discipler of Women

Join the team in Rwanda in the ministry of discipling women in the Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda. These women are eager to grow in Christ! [...]

Landscape Architect

Use creative landscaping skills to help New Creation Ministries develop and implement an overall plan for beautification of its campus in Rwanda. [...]

Projects Manager & Administrative Coordinator

Facilitate and lead projects for the ongoing development of WorldVenture’s ministry in Rwanda in partnership with New Creation Ministries. [...]

NCM Promoter and Fund-Raiser

A U.S. based position that would allow you to help establish a solid financial base for New Creation Ministries (NCM). [...]

Children & Youth Worker

Work with a Rwandan partner to promote and further develop the program for discipling children and youth in the churches of Rwanda, including teaching children and teachers of children within churches. [...]

English Language Teacher (ESL)

Serve within New Creation Ministries' ESL program as a teacher, providing Rwandese Christian leaderss the invaluable opportunity to improve their capacity to lead the church in Rwanda as well as to prepare themselves for theological study. [...]

Teacher/Discipler of Church Leaders

Rwanda has many churches. Nearly all of them are pastored by Rwandese. But 80% of them have no Bible training at all. The church is in desperate need of discipleship at all levels. You would be joining a team of missionaries and nationals who are committed to deepening the spiritual depth of the church in [...]

Bible College Teacher / Discipler

Rwanda is at a historically critical moment. Being internationally recognized as the leading example of post-war development, ministries in Rwanda have a unique opportunity to prepare for the church in Rwanda leadership that will speak with a Christian voice toward the future of the church and the country. New Creation Ministries (NCM) has an incredible [...]

Vision Trip to Rwanda

Explore long-term ministry through visiting, asking questions, praying and learning about ministry. [...]