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IT Manager at Tyndale Theological Seminary (Netherlands)

The IT manager is responsible for the secure and effective operation of all computer and networking systems (hardware and software) that is used at Tyndale Theological Seminary. This is a full-time position. [...]

Admissions Coordinator/Administrative Assistant -Tyndale Theological Seminary

The Admissions Coordinator / Administrative Assistant will work primarily with the Vice President of Operations and Administration and the Director of Admissions to develop, implement, and maintain a plan for student admissions. This person will also oversee that the goals of the admissions process are met for each potential student in a timely manner. General [...]

Executive Assistant to the President of Tyndale Theological Seminary

The Executive Assistant is responsible for assisting the President in the administrative functions of the school. This includes various functions described in the responsibilities section. This is a full-time position. [...]

Facilities Manager for Tyndale Theological Seminary

The Facilities Manager at Tyndale Theological Seminary, which is a multicultural seminary, has a good deal of interaction with students from all over the world. The Facilities Manager is responsible for overseeing the condition of the physical plant, rented housing and seminary vehicles. The position also oversees: (1) student Community Duties; (2) all housing requests [...]

Financial / Administrative Assistant for Tyndale Theological Seminary

This position is responsible for the execution of administrative functions, financial, and insurance-oriented duties at Tyndale Theological Seminary. [...]