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Missions Discovery/Pastoral

Note: This position will be available again beginning late 2026/early 2027. There are great needs in the neighborhoods we serve. This is a great place to experience a diverse community and to join in on what God is doing through His church. Those desiring to explore how God might call them to serve global and [...]

Athletic Director

We have many young men in our neighborhood in France who could be connected with through soccer, cricket, and basketball. We need athletic individuals (especially men) to create and lead sports leagues and/or tournaments as a service to our community and bridge for gospel conversations. [...]

Community Center English Teachers

At the Community Center in Strasbourg, there will be opportunities for language teachers to assist in teaching English to individuals and families in our multicultural neighborhood. Our center will offer language classes and conversation practice several times per week. There are opportunities to invest deeply in our families through this much-needed skill. [...]

Ministry Intern: Cafe Worker/Language Student/Relational Evangelism

This opportunity will be available again beginning in late 2026/early 2027. Serve God in a café setting in France. Participate in ministry in the context of a Café within a Community Center that is reaching out to recent refugee arrivals and settled migrants in a multicultural neighborhood. You will be able to practice French, rub [...]

Church Planting & Outreach

French evangelical churches are in diverse stages of growth, with a variety of ministry needs. Use your giftings and passion for church ministry to come alongside and contribute to existing church ministries in France, or develop new and creative ministries with a national team. [...]

University and ESL Outreach

The shortage of practicing Christians in France means there are large segments of French society that lack a Gospel presence. Be a light for the good news of Jesus Christ through living and working in this context. [...]

Parachurch Ministry Support

With such a small evangelical population, many ministries in France rely on the support of missionaries and volunteers to accomplish mission-critical tasks. Use your giftings and career skills to contribute to fill and support essential ministry roles. [...]