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4000-658-Schmidt, Rodger and Lynne

Connect With The Schmidts * Coaching Website * Sign up For Their Newsletter Blogs and Articles on * Live Tour and Prayer Walk in Mozambique * Resting Murder Face Series * Tourism Revives Island of Culture and Confluence * Easter Sunday: Stories of Redemption Learn More: Project: Finish The Task Force More Information: Rodger [...]

4001-940-Barros, Wellington and Tatiane

About Our Ministry: Our ministry approach involves disciple-making in all we do, while teaching the Bible and sharing the Gospel, encouraging the local church to grow organically, and strengthening them to participate in God’s redemptive plan. In the last five years, as we plant Gospel seeds, we have witnessed people get to know the Word [...]

4000-125-Meyers, Brian and Megan

Serving in medical/musical ministry and leadership development, through teaching future doctors and developing ethnodoxologists. Brian and Megan Meyers work in Beira, Mozambique, the second largest city in the nation. Brian teaches medicine at a Catholic Medical School (one of three medical schools in Mozambique), training future doctors, and works at the Central Hospital in Beira. [...]