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4000-855-Horen, Sandra

My current ministry is in Madagascar. I am making sure the office runs smoothly and people and projects get their money each month. Living in the city when the remainder of the team lives 10 hours away presents some challenges, but nothing we can't handle. Thankfully we have internet and mobile phones. The Malagasy people [...]

4001-960-Armand, Georcelet (Josy) and Ana

Josy and his wife, Ana, have been key ministry partners in Madagascar since 1999. Josy and Anna have been consistent leaders in the initial phases of outreach followed by church planting/growth in the remote region of Mahabana on the northwest coast. This region traditionally was the hub for ancestral worship and was taboo Jesus and [...]

4000-173-Shattenberg, Jamie and Alissa

"Red Island Restoration is a response to God’s leading in our lives to see Madagascar restored in health, forests and hope in Christ. We are partnering with Malagasy teammates to serve the least of these–the impoverished, the jobless, the at-risk, the widows, the single mothers, and the pregnant women and their babies–all of whom are [...]