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4000-237-Green, Mike and Agnieszka

The Greens minister to people who are in their late 20s to late 40s, most of whom are college educated. People outside of their church are usually Roman Catholic, in most cases only nominal in their faith. In Poland, Protestants tend to be viewed as part of a cult or sect, which creates a barrier [...]

4000-251-Hacker, Randy and Kaye

Establishing and equipping the church in Poland. We work with Poles, 90 percent Roman Catholic, over 30 years removed from communism, European Union since May 2004. About us: "Solidarnosc! This famous catchword of the Polish labor uprisings in the 1980s has become the motto of missions in Eastern Europe. At that time, the united front [...]

4000-070-Burnell, Joel and Renata

We serve in Poland through seminary teaching, mentoring leaders, and Christian counseling. We work primarily with students at the Evangelical School of Theology, our fellow members at First Baptist Church of Wroclaw, and Christian leaders in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia. Joel Burnell first came to Poland in 1980 with Campus Crusade for Christ to work [...]

4000-300-Lemaster, Rebecca

Serving at EST as Coordinator for International Projects related to student scholarships, fundraising, promotion and supporting the goal of EST, which is to strengthen the evangelical movement in Poland by equipping Christians for effective ministry. In this context, EST seeks to train and educate men and women who will serve their churches, fellowships and organizations [...]

4000-779-White, Corby and Ashley

God has blessed Corby & Ashley with many valuable experiences serving in local churches and children's ministry, in both the United States and Poland. Ashley worked in Poland for several years before they were married, and they moved to Poland as a family in 2014. Their first assignment was in Lublin, where Corby studied the [...]

4000-176-Thomas, Bruce and Linda

Pray that God would direct our conversations, and that people would move from an interest in spiritual topics to a real relationship with God. Also pray for our church as we begin planning the construction of our new building. About us: We are just "normal" people who are following God's path for our lives. Our [...]