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4000-535-Worker Name Withheld

The first time our Global Worker visited an unreached country, she felt the Lord pressing on her heart that she wanted to be part of what God was and is doing overseas. As she understood the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), she learned that 40% of the world was still unreached with the Gospel. God has [...]

1100-953-Redeau, Tania

Tania works with Adrienne Livingston as part of the Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiatives team as the Girl Empowerment Coordinator. "Prior to the position, I worked for the federal government for 17 years, working in budget and a national Indian Health Service (IHS) and Tribal Health Program (THP) where veterans received care in the community. I am [...]

4000-421-Ray Follmer

My Heart All throughout scripture, God displays His heart to see peoples of every language, culture, and nation come to know him through the message of the Gospel. The Lord is using short-term missions to serve long-term field workers, have significant ministry impact, and reach nations who have never heard the good news of Christ. [...]

4000-367-Klingsmith, Scott and Chery

After almost 30 years of living with multiple sclerosis, Scott’s wife Carol graduated to heaven on January 8, 2019. She leaves a big hole in the lives of those she loved and who loved her. In September of 2021, Scott and Chery Flores were married, after God brought us together in an amazing way. Chery [...]

4000-652-Schaaf, Mark and Kathy

Mark is currently seconded in a formal partnership with Walk Thru the Bible International. Kathy continues to use her nursing skills as a platform for discipleship. Mark serves a global team of national and regional leaders in applying Walk Thru the Bible curriculum to local needs, developing training & discipleship strategies, applying principles for non-literate [...]

4000-575-Penney, Dan and Esther

After 20 years of developing leadership in West Africa, Dan and Esther Penney said goodbye to their Senegal team. Dan recognized a greater need than staying in Senegal. His missionary experience showed him that Global Workers needed a “translator” to help them unravel the mysteries of missionary finances. Dan combines extensive field experience with financial [...]

4000-711-Thompson, RS

Mentoring and Equipping the Global Church to Reached the Least Reached While attending Bible college in the Boston area, God used a spiritual conversation with a Moroccan gas station attendant to burden Ralph’s heart for Muslims. Because of this gentleman’s passion to convert Ralph to Islam, and because of his polemic arguments that were difficult [...]

4000-662-Schneider, Terry and Donna

Terry and Donna Jeanne Schneider serve in Lynchburg, VA, mobilizing students at Liberty University, as well as couples in the area who are considering mission service. The Schneiders initially worked with refugees for 22 years in Austria. The Lord redirected them in 2013 to focus their efforts on mobilizing new workers to go and reach [...]

4000-452-Mayhugh, Paul and Diana

Serving with the Great Wall Ministries team in Macau. The Mayhughs minister to lower educated laborers, middle class families and college students, as well as Chinese university students and church pastors who are committed, teachable and independent. During this past term, Paul Mayhugh has been working on his doctorate of philosophy degree at the China [...]

4000-028-Axline, Bill and Linda

Training Christian workers and leaders among Chinese disciples through instruction, modeling, and life situations, and assisting churches in developing intentional discipleship ministries, particularly among the Chinese. In both the U.S. and Asia, the Axlines minister primarily to Chinese young men and women, and to churches seeking to build disciples among the Chinese. Bill and Linda [...]

4000-241-Hahn, Nikole

Newsletters to Sign Up For: - Once Per Month Ministry Updates and Prayer Points Digital Engagement and Disciple-Making Coordinator Serves and assists WorldVenture’s global disciple-making efforts and uses digital channels to advance the mission and vision of WorldVenture, increasing awareness and engagement across numerous web and social media properties and channels. I work to remain [...]

1100-951-Mooers, Jeff

Church Mobilizer [...]

4000-255-Ware, Nancy

Nancy serves among the refugees in northeast Ohio who originate from Myanmar. There are approximately 1000 people in Summit County Ohio. That number is continually growing. They have several faith backgrounds including Animism, Buddhism, other faiths including Christianity. Most faiths are syncretized. The main challenge is that ethno-centricity hinders growth of the church. Many do [...]

4000-366-King, Roberta

Making Jesus Christ known through the cultural musics of various people groups! Roberta R. King, Ph.D., communicates the gospel through contextualized worship arts and desires to make Jesus Christ known through the cultural musics of various people groups. Dr. King introduced studies in Christian Music Communication at Daystar University in Kenya. A missionary pioneer in [...]

1100-838-Ellison, Gordon and Rita

Gordon Ellison serves with WorldVenture as a member of the Mobilization Ministries Team. His ministry focuses on three important areas: missions promotion and education through the local church, missions mentoring, and member care. Gordon equips pastors and local church leaders in the development of effective strategies toward the clarification and accomplishment of their church’s mission, [...]

1100-847-Hagquist, Gloria

Gloria and Timothy serve in outreach to students at John Brown University (JBU) and Young Adults in their church and community. Many of the students are Missionary Kids (MK’s) and International Students. Serving includes evangelism, mentoring, encouragement, and discipling those desiring to work cross-culturally for Kingdom building. About Us: Timothy and Gloria served as WorldVenture [...]

4000-578-Perrello, Tony and Ming

Mobilizing future missionaries! Pray for open hearts on both sides of the ocean and close relationships that lead people closer to Jesus and doing God's will. About Me: Tony Perrello is serving WorldVenture as a missions mobilizer for the churches on the East Coast. He seeks to develop powerful partnerships with churches and individuals here [...]

4000-638-Roper, John and Joyce

Our names are John and Joyce Roper, and we are engaged in the ministry of pastoring, teaching, and discipling internationals in the Oklahoma City metro area. Some of the people we reach out to are only here for a year or so, making evangelism and long-term discipleship difficult. Our congregation is predominantly young and still [...]