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4000-076-Lucas and Bekah Grudda

Preparing to serve in Senegal at Dakar Academy [...]

4000-593-Powley, Jane

Serving through evangelism in Senegal. Jane Powley grew up in a Christian home and attended a church that gave her an early exposure to missions. Her first overseas experience was in Cote dâ Ivoire where she served for two years as a school secretary at the International Christian Academy with WorldVenture. In July 1984, WorldVenture [...]

4000-354-Kendall, Nathan and Becky

The three values that the Kendalls desire to exemplify are... - glorifying God, - growing everything around them - and enjoying the life God provides. Living out these values in the context of Senegal is the desire to see Christ’s Kingdom reign in and over all things, growing people and the world around them to [...]

4000-121-Columbine, Bo and Michele

Bo and Michele serve Senegalese families needing assistance in discovering ways to provide for their basic needs. Since 92 percent of the Senegalese follow Islam, much of the Senegalese identity comes from being Muslim. Bo and Michele Columbine minister to African families in predominately Muslim Senegal. Bo, who is a mechanic, welder and machinist serves [...]

4000-095-Campbell, Charles and Sherry

Training Christian leaders at the Evangelical Theological Institute of Senegal (ITES). The church in Senegal is slowly growing. Although only 1% of the population is evangelical Christian, Senegalese Christians thirst to know God better and know his Word. Charley & Sherry Campbell help Christians grow through their ministry at The Evangelical Theological Institute of Senegal [...]

4000-510-Newkirk, Steve and Laura

Our Building Project: - Click here to learn more about our building project! Ministry Summary: Roughly 16 million people live in Senegal, about one-fifth of them live in Dakar, the capital city. Since 95% of the Senegalese population claim Islam as their religion, we hear the Muslim call to prayer five times a day. Rejoice [...]

4000-187-Escher, Marilyn

Serving through Wolof Bible translation in Senegal. The Wolofs’ main values are peace, hospitality, and self respect. They make up the majority of the population and are nearly 100 percent Muslim. The translation must be both faithful to the original text and clear to the audience. A high rate of illiteracy in areas outside of [...]