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4000-627-Requadt, Tom and Laura

The Requadts’ Story Thomas Thomas’ childhood consisted of a family life juggled between two separated parents, all over northern California. In his senior year in high school, he ended up in a foster home and thanks to the faithful witness of a classmate and the grace of God, he put his faith in the Lord [...]

4000-576-Penner, Mary Esther

Mary Esther and her husband, Mark, went to Japan in 1983 to work in the Deaf community. There, they saw the need for Deaf people to have a Bible in their own language. In 1993, the Japanese Sign Language Bible translation project got underway. The project has transitioned to being completely run by Japanese Deaf [...]

4000-056-Boese, Glenn and Linn

Focusing on the Nyarafolo, a least-evangelized people group in northern Côte d'Ivoire, using church development, Bible translation and compassion ministries. Glenn has turned over his directorship of the Baptist Hospital laboratory to the trained nationals, and functions as a consultant both to them and to the hospital administration. In particular, he is doing financial programming [...]

4000-187-Escher, Marilyn

Serving through Wolof Bible translation in Senegal. The Wolofs’ main values are peace, hospitality, and self respect. They make up the majority of the population and are nearly 100 percent Muslim. The translation must be both faithful to the original text and clear to the audience. A high rate of illiteracy in areas outside of [...]