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4000-064-Brown, Janet R.

Coordinating short-term missions in Japan. Subscribe to Janet Brown's Youtube Janet works with four main groups: 1. Japanese national churches 2. Missionaries in Japan 3. Short-term teams and individuals this includes internships and summer ministries for universities. 4. Sending churches, and universities Janet’s ministry is to place the Short Term Teams and Individuals with Japanese [...]

4000-171-LaPoint, Patrick and Megan

Reaching the Japanese for Christ through innovative ministries and educational communities. Japan is an unreached nation with less than 1% of the total population having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Two of the major challenges facing the Japanese are an extremely high suicide rate, and high rates of alcoholism, gambling addictions, and sex addictions. Also, [...]

4000-381-Laverman, Kevin and Kaori

Planting New Urban Churches in Southwest Greater Tokyo Both Kevin and Kaori grew up in Christian homes and accepted Jesus at a young age. But Kevin's home was in the suburbs of Chicago, while Kaori's was in the mountains of Yamagata, Japan. The two met in 1990 during Kevin's short- term missions work at Zao [...]

4000-703-Taylor, Ken

Sharing the gospel in Japan through church planting, leadership training, music, and innovative ministries. Japan is a land where Christianity is strongly perceived as a foreign religion. Japanese Christians need encouragement and equipping to effectively minister to their own people. Resources (short-term missions and funding) are needed to assist with on-going and startup ministries. Our [...]

4000-576-Penner, Mary Esther

Mary Esther and her husband, Mark, went to Japan in 1983 to work in the Deaf community. There, they saw the need for Deaf people to have a Bible in their own language. In 1993, the Japanese Sign Language Bible translation project got underway. The project has transitioned to being completely run by Japanese Deaf [...]

4000-019-Swenson, Greg and Asa

The Swensons on Facebook Japan, known as the “Land of the Rising Sun", while prosperous materially and technologically, is a nation steeped in spiritual darkness and despair, and remains largely unreached. Since our deployment to Japan in 2009, we have had the privilege of serving alongside both missionary colleagues as well as Japanese church leaders [...]

4000-352-Koerlin, Eric & Kari

Creatively Engaging the Japanese for Christ In 2019, we felt God calling us away from our careers in accounting and computer science; to serve with our kids in Tokyo, Japan where less than half of one percent of the population are evangelical Christians and the majority of people have never even heard the gospel. We [...]

4000-080-Walker, Jeff and Malia

We believe that God is preparing for a revival in Japan but that leadership for such a movement must come from within the next generation of Japanese believers, not foreigners like ourselves. Instead, God is calling us to seek out and invest in a few future leaders who will ultimately spread the good news of [...]

4000-931-Zody, Addison and Abigail

We will be serving as Short-term Coordinators in Japan. In this role we will be hosting and connecting teams, as well as individuals, from the US to missionaries and local churches in Japan. This involves everything from the scheduling and preparing of short-term workers to arrive on the field, to their debriefing and departure back [...]

4000-275-Chang, Gary and Jennifer

Subscribe to Our Newsletter Serving alongside other missionaries to make disciples of Jesus and planting churches. We desire to impact the Japanese community with the love of Christ, through building spiritual community, and experience true joy as God’s people. We seek to serve young adults and young couples, helping them to learn more about Christ [...]

4000-215-Mitchell, Justin and Lindsay

In partnership with Denen Grace Church, our local partners in Kawasaki and Yokohama, our purpose is to see Christ known through the starting and building up of Azamino Chapel. Read here to learn more about Azamino Chapel. As the Lord gathers His people and His church is built up, we pray and hope that the [...]

4000-188-Sample, Bri

I began serving in ministry in Japan in 2014 by showing and teaching about God’s love through conversational English classes, arts & crafts, hospitality, and everyday interactions with people in the community. I have developed relationships with many people in my community through everyday life activities as well as with English class students and their [...]

4000-168-Meeko, Andy and Junko

Developing tools and training nationals for emotional care and evangelism. It's hard to admit, we are celebrating more than 60 years of combined Japanese ministry. Junko is born and bred in Japan and was serving long before meeting Andy. The youngest son of missionaries to Japan, Andy couldn't resist God's call, despite vowing to never [...]