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4000-592-Post, Jason and Mandy

Ireland, once considered the center of the Christian world, now sits in darkness, shadowed by the same secular, post-modern cloud that shrouds the rest of Western Europe. Jason and Mandy Post are working to bring light to Galway, Ireland's third largest city of approximately 100,000 people. The Posts and their colleagues work in conjunction with [...]

4000-031-Poth, Kirk and Sandlin

Starting high impacting, gospel-centric, New Testament churches through friendship development, discipleship, and leadership training -- Helping the church in Western Ireland to reach her full redemptive potential through church planting and disciple making! Pray for open doors and hearts in Ireland. A divided country and ongoing violence involving religious beliefs have taken a toll on [...]

4000-005-Miron, William and Sarah

Making disciples of Jesus in western Ireland by living life in community on mission. Our aim is to plant gospel-centered churches, not the mere brick and mortar building, but the family of God worshiping Jesus in community on mission for his glory. The Irish people are a soulful, relational, community-driven people. They are rich in [...]

4000-277-Kerstetter, Russ and Denise

Ministry Summary At Galway City Baptist Church we work primarily with youth. Our focus is on discipleship and training of teenagers and young adults. We want to instill in these future leaders of the Irish church that they are able to lead. We want to equip them with the necessary skills to be able to [...]

4000-189-Copeland, Chris and Joi

The Need: Ireland is a beautiful country, but it is steeped in spiritual darkness. The Irish are a welcoming and hospitable people, but many are lost in a growing hopelessness. Ireland once had a deep Christian history. Now, it is considered post-Church and they are rapidly abandoning faith in God and replacing it with secularism [...]

4000-137-Boardwell, Matthew and Pamela

Our family visited Ireland for two months in 2009 purely as a vacation for some much-needed rest. We were drawn there by our family heritage, Ireland’s scenic beauty, and its many ancient Christian pilgrimage sites. We discovered a history rich with missions and spiritual transformation. Over the course of our visit, we engaged many Irish [...]

1100-827-Cumings, Tim and Joan

Serving on the North Central Regional Team to mobilize churches and individuals for missions. We serve pastors and churches, students on university campuses, and newly appointed WorldVenture missionaries. Prayer Needs: The fields are white unto harvest, but the workers are few. Pray that God will send out workers into the harvest. Please ask God to [...]