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WE MAKE POWER AFFORDABLE. US engineering and solar technology marries years of Eastern Africa field distribution experience. Our service is pay-as-you-go. Before, most low-income households could never afford the high upfront cost of solar systems. But turn the model into an electric utility just like in developed countries? All of a sudden solar is not [...]

6423-960-T-Ventures Kenya Enterprise Development

Transformational Ventures has the incredible opportunity to partner with Yobel International and offer Entrepreneurial Training to the community around Redeemed Gospel Church in Embakasi, Nairobi, as well as for leaders throughout East Africa. This week-long training will equip and empower Kenyans, Ethiopians and Ugandans to develop or grow small businesses that will help them provide [...]

6419-921-Pakistan Community Development Program

In the north, the Community Development Program at Shikarpur Christian Hospital exists to empower those who live in the interior Sindh of Pakistan to better themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The program focuses on all local families who are in need or desire to know more about how to identify needs and better themselves. As [...]