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6425-900-Zambia Miscellaneous

When churches have leadership training programs available, the churches have more chances to grow and reach out. This project will provide funds to purchase permanent facilities for the Zambia Bible Training Institute, a church leadership training program involving students from about 15 denominations. PROBLEM The Institute has been renting classrooms in various locations for the [...]

6425-901-Lusaka Church Planting

A strong local church gives leadership training programs a real boost. Funds from this project will help establish a Bible preaching and teaching church in Lusaka, the capital city with 1 million people. [...]

Pleasant Valley Community School

This school/orphanage was started by a graduate of the Zambia Bible Training Institute. The Pleasant Valley Community School has about 86 children. More than 70 of the students are street kids who come in for the day, have their way paid to school and get a good meal. The Gospel is taught to the children. [...]