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6456-906-Nosu Education Assistance

Helping Nosu youth who's families cannot pay for all of their education. The Nosu are the most impoverished people group of China. [...]

6489-901-Medical Care in Africa and Asia

A medical relief program to help children crushed by extreme poverty and deeply ill from preventable conditions. Everyday, WorldVenture medical facilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Indonesia and Pakistan see people die from preventable conditions such as malaria, parasites and amoebic dysentery because it is just too late for treatment. Unfortunately, families [...]

6454-901-Children of Tahaddi

Tahaddi (“challenge” in Arabic) is a Lebanese NGO established in 2008 to respond transformatively to the challenges of urban poverty in Hay el Gharbeh, southern Beirut. Tahaddi works with families in Hay el Gharbeh who face extreme socioeconomic hardship. Tahaddi operates community-based centers, focused on providing non-formal education, psychosocial support, and health services. In addition, [...]

6433-919-Kiev Handicapped Ministry

This project will help support ministry opportunities to the handicapped who attend Transformation Church in Kiev, Ukraine. Funds will help with remodeling the church for handicapped access, provide for staff needs and special activities. PROBLEM There are many handicapped people in the Kiev area, and many live around the church. Buildings and social care are [...]

Family Retreat

Every four to five years, the Intensive Baptist Theological Seminary (STBI) holds a family retreat for its students and their families in Northern Brazil. Our WorldVenture field uses this retreat to help strengthen the families and to give each worker and his wife tools needed to help other struggling families in their church. [...]