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6417-921-Azamino Chapel - Church Planting Fund

Azamino Chapel (a church plant of Denen Grace Church) began gathering for regular worship in July 2020. Christians from Denen Grace Church along with other area Christians have partnered with Justin & Lindsay Mitchell (commissioned to Japan March 2017) and have since incorporated other area WorldVenture missionaries. In teamwork with local Christians, Azamino Chapel aims [...]

6477-924-Bali UPG HUB Work

Providing national missionaries with access to the Balinese UPG group and other UPGS in Indonesia possibly. And to provide extra training and coaching to those wanting to work in DMM [...]

6471-901-Bamar LEP Evangelism & Church Planting

Evangelism & Church Planting among Burmese in country and among the diaspora in Bangkok. [...]

6403-914-Church Building and Community Center

WE ARE ALMOST THERE! It has been our long-term goal to plant a church in Dakar that would use national languages (Wolof and Serer languages targeted) and worship in ways relevant to the culture. This directly fulfills WorldVenture’s global priority of establishing healthy, reproducing churches. THIS IS WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE: * December 11, [...]

6410-904-Chevry-Brie Worship Center

The WorldVenture France team is in the process of advancing the worldwide objective of establishing new churches. We are starting with a church in the Brie region of France, specifically in the town of Chevry-Cossigny, which will serve a larger community including the hub city of Brie-Comte-Robert. They are unable to invite anyone due to [...]

6425-901-Lusaka Church Planting

A strong local church gives leadership training programs a real boost. Funds from this project will help establish a Bible preaching and teaching church in Lusaka, the capital city with 1 million people. [...]

6430-907-Watson Ministry Travel-Russia

This fund will contribute to travel expenses for facilitating creative and continuing church planting and church leadership development. VISION Missions is about creating and re-creating new paradigms in order to present the unchanging message of salvation through Christ alone. This requires flexibility for all of us: the missionaries on the field and the organizations that [...]

6420-904-Baptist Evan & Church Plant

The Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines (CBAP) has set an aggressive goal of growing to 2025 churches by the year 2025. CBAP has targeted key cities across the country in which to field church planting teams, and is also challenging every church to train a pastor from their congregation and plant a daughter church [...]

6479-902-Quebec Church Building Fund

As we plant a growing, church-planting, French-speaking church, we are seeking to build or buy a building to be a launching pad for multiple church plants in the region of St-Jérôme, a suburb of Montréal. STRATEGY We give 10% of our budget to church planting and have, as of 2012, been a part of two [...]

6485-902-Mustard Seed Church

These funds will supplement donations made by members of Mustard Seed Church in Loja, Ecuador, and help purchase property and construct the church building. VISION The church is in a strategic location and is expected to serve as the base of operations for the evangelistic work in the province. STRATEGY The church has a strong [...]

6477-914-Church Planting in Cities/Villages

In the past five years, 35 churches have been established, doubling the number of churches in the area. This project provides funds to church planters in Indonesia by providing resources needed to develop a new church. PROBLEM These church planters generally work in pioneering areas where there are few or no churches from which they [...]

6477-907-Church Planting Among UPG

This project provides funds for supporting national workers in Indonesia who are ministering to the 131 mega least-evangelized people groups. The goal is to establish healthy reproducing churches in each people group's mother tongue. Along with funding this project, the team hopes churches will adopt an unreached people group to pray and send short-term teams. [...]

6477-904-International Partners

This project will help support international partners as they work with WorldVenture and assist Indonesia's national association of churches. PROBLEM More people from developing countries are seeking to establish the church in Indonesia, but they struggle to raise the necessary funds from their home churches in economically challenged countries. VISION God is using varied types [...]

Empowering Local Churches

Our Fellowship Baptist Churches are located mainly in semi-rural areas among the least evangelized peoples of Kenya's south coast area. The FBC Association of Pastors has an annual goal of planting at least two new churches in unreached areas. Praise God! They have been meeting their goal. Their strategy includes each pastor training two "Timothys" [...]

6437-908-Camps & Retreats

This project provides funds for camps and retreats in Romania. Young people enjoy attending the events. Funds from this project will be used to conduct a variety of camps and retreats throughout the year. STRATEGY Camps and retreats have proven to be successful in introducing Romanians to Jesus Christ. Often Romanians expect to participate in [...]

Youth Evangelism

Lithuanian youth have been willing to attend English camps and other fun activities sponsored by the Grace Baptist Church. [...]

La Elipa

La Elipa church has successfully established three churches in 20 years and hopes to begin a new work in the next five years. The church has faithfully trained many leaders who are involved in the pastorate or working toward establishing churches. Funds from this project will greatly encourage La Elipa in their church planting work [...]

6434-905-Church Building Fund

This project will provide funds for a new church building in Lubin, Poland. The land is already purchased, so the needs are for the cost of the architectural drawings, the materials, and the labor. PROBLEM Currently we meet in a small storefront building, and we are quickly outgrowing it. Our Sunday morning attendance is averaging [...]

6460-901-Church/Primary School Building/Materials

Building some simple church and school structures on donated land in three key areas will provide future bases for foreign missionaries to further proclaim the gospel as God leads. Medical and relief aid could also be ministered to the needy. The Muslim, Hindu, and tribal peoples are responsive to this type of lifestyle, community-minded evangelism. [...]

Operation Donetsk New Church

This project will assist in establishing a church in one of the most unchurched regions of Donetsk, Ukraine. It will provide funding necessary to build the first phase of a three-phase building. [...]


Funds will be used to cover rent and renovation expenses related to facilities used for church worship, and evangelistic and discipleship events. [...]

6416-913-Village Health Ministry Outreach

In 1980, a lethal measles outbreak among hundreds of children in surrounding villages led WorldVenture missionaries and Bethesda staff to establish a village health outreach effort. This outreach continues to this day, effectively serving remote and remote village communities with assistance in vaccinations, clean water, sewer, community development and family planning. All in the name [...]

6421-912-Bilingual Church

The purpose of this project is to establish a church focused on young people 18 to 35 years old. PROBLEM This age group is mostly absent from the traditional church scene. As a result this generation of Taiwanese lose touch with their faith and miss learning leadership skills gained in participating in church activities. VISION [...]

Cesena Church Planting

Funds will be used to assist the church in renting and remodeling their facilities. The church hopes to have a community room open to the public that provides various activities to build relationships with people to reach them for Christ. Funds will also be used in evangelistic outreach projects the church has planned for this [...]

6410-906-Pioneer Pastor Fund

This fund is in place to help support French pastors in young churches. While pastors are asked to raise most of their own salary needs, additional funds are still required. As time goes on the church will take on more of the financial need. PROBLEM Churches planted by missionaries are not always able to support [...]

6410-901-Faremoutiers Building Fund

Faremoutiers is a new church started in 2005 to the east of Paris, in a region where people travel many miles to find an evangelical church. People have been converted and baptized, and the church has grown to 50. PROBLEM The present need is for a permanent and visible place for worship. The need for [...]


MinisteriCB seeks to establish a daughter church while turning over the mother church in Lago Patria to Italian leadership. Funds from this project will help the daughter church purchase a projector and other equipment, and pay rent on their facilities. VISION Through this project, WorldVenture workers seek to provide an initial boost to assist the [...]

6420-925-Visayas Church Planting Development

Funds are needed to promote church planting initiatives in the Visayas region of the Philippines. VISION Central and eastern Visayas in the central part of the Philippines, which includes seven major islands and over 10 million people, is the focus of aggressive church planting efforts. STRATEGY This fund seeks to provide assistance in a variety [...]

6406-905-Plan Advance

The PAM project provides funds to assist in the support and travel of Argentine church planters and itinerant pastors. VISION This project fits under the purposes of healthy churches and equipping leaders because it allows Argentine pastors to plant churches and visit existing rural churches. STRATEGY WorldVenture missionaries can focus their efforts on theological training [...]

6404-912-Kiburara Building Fund

We are increasing the size of the Bible college's library. It needs more good books that will help the students. PROBLEM Bible dictionary commentaries and biblical study books are not available in Uganda. Kiburara has a small library, less than 200 books in English. VISION These books will help students have better resources for studying [...]

6404-905-Church Construction

Funds from this project will be used to purchase the corrugated iron sheets for church roofs. VISION Assisting these churches with roofing sheets is a big encouragement since it is difficult for the churches to afford these materials. Established church buildings will also provide a center for more training and outreach within the communities. STRATEGY [...]

6417-906-C-on Kinshuko

Funds from this project will be used to develop new ministry programs and support leadership training, discipleship and mission training programs. Help the church in Japan reach and train the next generation for ministry leadership. VISION C-On Kinshuko Camp plays an integral part in the CBA Japan Harvest 2010 plan to nurture healthy churches. STRATEGY [...]

6403-908-Ngaparou Campsite Development

This project provides funds for the renovation and development of a camp on the beach in Senegal. This campsite has been used for many years by people from all over Senegal. Many Senegalese have become Christians at the camp and many Christians have been strengthened in their faith. VISION By renovating existing structures, building new [...]