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6417-903-Iwate Radio

Half the membership of one church in Japan is made up of people who came to Christ as a result of first hearing the gospel via the radio. This fund provides money to keep the broadcast on the air. PROBLEM The church in Japan is growing but still struggles financially. A daily Christian radio broadcast [...]

Arab Woman Today

An exciting new ministry on the radio and Internet is "Arab Woman Today." It is an outreach directed toward Arabic-speaking women throughout the world. This program provides words of encouragement to this specific group of women. Funds will be used to support this program. [...]

6403-912-Radio Evangelism

In a country of 18 million people where half are illiterate, it is imperative to disseminate the gospel through oral media. Listening to the radio, especially to local stations, is popular in Senegal. Local stations are making airtime available to churches and missions, sometimes freely or very economically. The Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches of [...]