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6477-902-Kendari Language Center

Was Native English Madura started in 2005. Name changed 9-4-13. [...]

6473-907-Mylapore Institution

This project provides funds for the work of a Christian training school in India. Indigenous church groups have a story to tell. Donations will provide for scholarships to promising young scholars who will be trained to preserve and promote indigenous Christianity. PROBLEM Building a credible biblical theological foundation is needed to assist this process which [...]

6477-903-Mercy Bridge Indonesia

Through Mercy Bridge, lives are being changed both now and for eternity. Working with local Christian leaders in Indonesia, Mercy Bridge provides scholarships for education and hope for families in desperate need. PROBLEM Millions of children have dropped out of school because they cannot afford it. These children are either sent to Muslim pesantrens where [...]

6419-902-Pakistan Bible Correspondence Institute

The Pakistan Bible Correspondence Institute seeks to help people understand the teachings of the Bible through 10 correspondence courses. Funds from this project will be used to provide Bible study materials to people who may otherwise never have an opportunity to study God's Word. VISION Through wide advertising, the PBCI wants to give as many [...]