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6410-911-Strasbourg Community Center

- To facilitate the integration of marginalized peoples into the fabric and ways of life in their new community. - To create a space to restore the dignity, value, purpose, and competency of the whole person for the benefit of the individual, the family, and the community. - To catalyze the contribution of one's unique [...]

6410-908-The New Church in Torcy, France

This project will permit the growing and dynamic new church plant in Torcy, France, to buy and adapt a 260M2 (2,800 sq. ft.) building that would allow it to continue to grow and expand its ministry in the city. They have outgrown their current facilities and, as a result, their ministry impact is being lessened. [...]

6410-903-France Belgium Bible Institute

The goal of this project is to provide a way for those in the U.S. to financially support the Belgian Bible Institute in Brussels, Belgium. The Belgian Bible Institute is the only French-speaking evangelical school for training church leaders in Belgium. It has existed for almost 100 years and is experiencing a time of renewed [...]

6410-904-Chevry-Brie Worship Center

The WorldVenture France team is in the process of advancing the worldwide objective of establishing new churches. We are starting with a church in the Brie region of France, specifically in the town of Chevry-Cossigny, which will serve a larger community including the hub city of Brie-Comte-Robert. They are unable to invite anyone due to [...]

6410-906-Pioneer Pastor Fund

This fund is in place to help support French pastors in young churches. While pastors are asked to raise most of their own salary needs, additional funds are still required. As time goes on the church will take on more of the financial need. PROBLEM Churches planted by missionaries are not always able to support [...]

6410-901-Faremoutiers Building Fund

Faremoutiers is a new church started in 2005 to the east of Paris, in a region where people travel many miles to find an evangelical church. People have been converted and baptized, and the church has grown to 50. PROBLEM The present need is for a permanent and visible place for worship. The need for [...]