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6422-917-FH Community Center Madrid

The Community Center is located in a neighborhood of North African immigrants from the Rif Berber people group. The purpose of the Community Center is to serve as a hub for the community-based outreach project that Dan and Eva Anderson have been conducting in the neighborhood since 2009. PROBLEM In many of the larger cities [...]

6421-904-Bilingual Community Church Building

The Bilingual Community Church (BCC) was started in 2004 by a WorldVenture missionary family. In 2013, the church moved into a new stage of its growth with the installation of its first elders and the beginning of membership. Regular adult attendance of 350 or more means this church needs a permanent facility. PROBLEM Many that [...]


This internship provides a community-based learning environment where Mozambican and international interns will live together in community to learn from each other in areas of culture, language, leadership, theological issues and other ministry-related issues. The interns will work together to create a practical missional strategy for the community in which they are living, based on [...]

6462-963-Cebaara Bible Prin.

This project funds the printing and final costs associated with publishing the Bible in Cebaara. PROBLEM The translation of the Bible in Cebaara is in production and will need to be printed for distribution. VISION When God speaks to the people in their mother tongue, it is with power and worth the many years of [...]

Evangelism Software

Designing and publishing professional looking printed evangelistic and training materials as well as items posted to websites and other electronic publications will greatly assist the outreach of the church. [...]

6448-911-Paraclete Ropeholders

Rope Holders, a ministry of the Paraclete Department, pairs retired missionaries with first-term missionaries in an effort to help transition the missionary to life and ministry in the country they are located in. VISION The hope is that the net effect of the relationship will lead to a more effective and enjoyable first term and [...]

6411-911-Rome Evangelism

This project provides funds for church planting efforts in Rome, Ostia and Aprilia. Funds will be used for evangelistic outreach projects, evangelistic literature, publicity and team administration. VISION This project helps WorldVenture missionaries cultivate relationships and assist Italian church leaders who are seeking to maximize their churches' influence in the community. CAPACITY Evangelistic outreach projects: [...]

6419-905-Pakistan Literature

Through this project, funding is provided for the production and reprinting of two kinds of critical resources: those used for evangelism and those used for discipling the emerging church. PROBLEM A number of our previous publications are out of stock and in need of being printed again. VISION Literature plays a critical role in outreach [...]

6419-925-Pakistan Christian Ministry

Funds from this project will be used to follow-up on contacts made through a Christian hospital's ministry. VISION The emphasis is to multiply followers of Jesus Christ among the Sindhi people group. [...]

6403-945-Digital Players for Evangelism

Missionaries who want to see the church in Senegal strongly founded on the Word of God, have made the New Testament available in recorded format. Megavoice, a small, durable, and easy to use digital audio player with its own power source, can hold up to 180 hours of audio. Funds will be used to purchase [...]

6404-930-Internship in Discipleship

Create an intensive internship in discipleship for 10 men and 10 women during six months of their nine-month break between high school and further studies. PROBLEM There is a severe lack of moral training, therefore character does not develop along with education, thus there is a lack of integrity. VISION The Uganda field hopes to [...]