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6407-903-Crosslight Church Plant

Crosslight Evangelical Church of Leopoldau is a new church plant in the northern part of Vienna. Launched in the fall of 2021 by WorldVenture missionaries Nate & Bethany Johnson, in partnership with a team of locals, Crosslight seeks to be a light for Jesus in a country where there is little gospel witness and few [...]

6407-902-Vision for Vienna

Refugees come from many different places around the world, often met by a new home ill equipped to handle them. This special project aims to bring immediate relief upon entry for refugees, assist in searching for long term solutions, and to launch a community center. Many of the refugees arriving in Vienna have no money, [...]

6407-908-Ministry to People in Prostitution and Victims of Human Trafficking

This project supports two partnering ministries in Austria (not named for security reasons) that ministers to people in prostitution. A great majority of those in prostitution are in fact victims of human trafficking, where a mixture of force, fraud, or coercion was used to bring them into this situation. One major component of the ministry [...]