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6402-910-New Creation Ministries (NCM)

Since 1992, New Creation Ministries has provided training to Rwandans who are doing ministry in their churches, workplaces and homes. Our aim isn't just to provide our students with knowledge or skills. We want them to be transformed by what they're learning - to become true disciples of Jesus. Check out the video to hear [...]

6486-905-Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association

The Deaf of Asia and the Pacific desperately need a Bible in their own language. Since the early 1990s, Japan and Australia have been working on translating the Bible into their Sign Languages (SLs). In 2011, Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association (APSDA) was born with charter members representing work in 12 countries. APSDA is [...]

6462-913-IBB Classroom

A donor has agreed to match all donations for this project. Bethel Bible Institute (IBB) is a four-year Bible school whose sole purpose is to train pastors for the church in Côte d’Ivoire and beyond. It is the primary training institute available to over 300 Baptist churches with whom WorldVenture partners with in Côte d’Ivoire. [...]

6462-977-Girls Christian Vocational School

In response to the needs of the church, parents and young women, the Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Côte d’Ivoire established the Girls' Christian Vocational School to provide educational training for young women. PROBLEM A pastor said, "'My people die for lack of knowledge.' We don't want our people to perish just for the [...]

6462-940-Ferke Baptist Primary School

The Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Côte d’Ivoire (AEBECI) recognizes a need for evangelical primary and secondary schools. The AEBECI seeks to meet the educational needs of the Baptist church community and to be an outreach to non-Christian children and their families. PROBLEM Last year the AEBECI started a primary school with a 1st [...]

6423-919-NEGST Generation Operation

The money from this project is used to support operation of the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. PROBLEM While local churches support the school and students pay tuition, the income is not enough to cover costs. STRATEGY This project provides an opportunity for the American church to help subsidize the cost of operating the [...]

6423-918-NEGST Alumni Church Planting

Funds will provide seed money to assist graduates from school in their church planting efforts in the slums of Nairobi and southern Sudan. Many students come from these areas. After they've completed their studies, return home, hoping to establish the church in their communities. [...]

6423-914-NEGST Student School

African leaders from all over the continent come to the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST) for training. These people shape the future. While the cost for a year of courses and housing at NEGST is $4,300, this is out of reach to most Africans. This project will provide scholarship money to students who [...]

6462-908-IBB Professorial Support

Since 1990, Bethel Bible Institute (IBB) has been playing a significant role in the training of Christian laymen, pastors and leaders of the evangelical community in West Africa. The 2007-2008 school year began the 17th year with a student body of 20 full-time students, all of whom intend to serve in churches and outreach in [...]

6415-904-Khudawn- Boyhst

The object of Khudawandpur Boys Hostel is to provide living facilities in a Christian atmosphere, with adequate food every day, Christian education such as Sunday School, daily private and group devotions, producing literate and educated boys. KBH is for boys studying in 5th through 12th grades. Every year at least one or two boys accept [...]

6402-906-Rwandan Staff Scholarships

New Creation Ministries seeks to help the Church in Rwanda function as the Body of Christ by training Christian leaders to have the knowledge, character and skills to better do the work of God. The staff of NCM are at the forefront of this effort and we believe that helping them pursue ongoing training and [...]

6402-912-Christian Leadership Institute (CLIR)

The Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda was started in 2015 to provide students with theological education which is grounded in Scripture, focused on character transformation and immediately applicable to life and ministry. Here’s what students say about their experience at CLIR: “CLIR gives true Biblical teaching and deep analysis of the Bible.” “CLIR is the [...]

6402-907-Ministry Leaders Training (MLT)

Most people in ministry in Rwanda (even pastors!) have little or no Biblical education. As a result, many teach salvation by works and the prosperity gospel. A lack of Biblically literate, spiritually transformed leaders means that Rwandan churches are full of non-believers and immature, undiscipled Christians. The Ministry Leaders Training (MLT) is a two year, [...]

6404-914-Nyabugando Baptist Secondary School

Often Christian young people are sent away to boarding school at the secondary level. This project is set up to assist in building and equipping the Baptist Secondary School in Nyabugando. The school is associated with the Nyabugando Baptist Church and provides a Christian education to the leaders of the future. PROBLEM Nyabugando Baptist Church [...]

6404-906-Pastor's Child Education

This project provides the needed funds to sponsor and pay for school fees, enabling children of pastors to attend school. PROBLEM In Uganda the average pastor's family can have eight or more kids. Often more than one of them are in high school at the same time. With the average pastor's salary at $15 a [...]

6418-903-Whitman Academy Expansion

Give to the Roy and Dora Whitman Academy – A Christian School in the Holy Land! Roy and Dora Whitman Academy provides a rich curriculum led by committed Christian teachers in Amman, Jordan. The Whitman Academy team creates an environment where students from many nationalities are challenged to integrate a Christian worldview into all their [...]

6403-942-Vocational Training

These funds will sponsor the training of workers by paying for their course work, food and/or room. Funds will also help purchase tools, materials or needed machines to encourage young men as they begin a career. Job skills will help provide for families, in a dignified way, who will then bless the church with tithes [...]

6403-917-ITES Support for Nationals

The Institut de Theologie Evangelique du Senegal (ITES) trains national church leaders to help churches in Senegal. Currently there are a few nationals on staff at the school but ultimately it would be beneficial to have the school run completely by nationals. The administration would like to hire a full-time Senegalese director. PROBLEM The primary [...]

6404-931-Pastor's Kindle Resource Library

Pastors' Kindle Resource Library is an effort to supply pastors who can read English with a resource library of books relevant to the needs of their ministry. All of these books could be placed on a Kindle, a small electronic reader, and managed in a way that would encourage the pastor to read and grow. [...]

6404-918-Education Resources & Building

This project has the broad purpose of lending a helping hand to primary and secondary schools associated with the Baptist Union of Uganda. At the Bwaise Baptist Primary School, approximately 200 students in grades 1 through 7 study in five roughly constructed classrooms with dirt floors that are open to the elements and a dilapidated [...]

6403-918-ITES Facilities

The Evangelical Institute of Dakar (IED) is in need of updated facilities. This school trains pastors and lay leaders in Senegal to help strengthen the national church. The funds from this project will be applied to the purchase of an existing building or land where the needed facilities can be built. PROBLEM Currently the school [...]

6403-962-ITES Rural Pastors Training

Established in 1994 by several western missions (including WorldVenture) and several Senegalese national churches, the Evangelical Theology Institute of Senegal (ITES) is a Bible-based church leadership training school whose mission is to train indigenous leadership for the national church in Senegal and beyond. Currently 53 men and one woman have gone through this training program. [...]

6403-961-Women's Training Program

WorldVenture is endeavoring to equip female believers to serve their families, churches and communities as a follower of Christ through a training course called, Formation Lois. The goal of this project is to teach women in the villages the basics of the Christian faith and give them the tools and the confidence to continue growing [...]

6403-954-ITES Scholarships

Established in 1994 by several Western missions (including WorldVenture) and several Senegalese national churches, the Evangelical Theology Institute of Senegal (ITES) has been a cooperative effort ever since. ITES is a Bible-based church leadership training school whose mission is to train indigenous leadership for the national church in Senegal and beyond. This special project is [...]