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6402-910-New Creation Ministries (NCM)

Since 1992, New Creation Ministries has provided training to Rwandans who are doing ministry in their churches, workplaces and homes. Our aim isn't just to provide our students with knowledge or skills. We want them to be transformed by what they're learning - to become true disciples of Jesus. Check out the video to hear [...]

6402-912-Christian Leadership Institute (CLIR)

The Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda was started in 2015 to provide students with theological education which is grounded in Scripture, focused on character transformation and immediately applicable to life and ministry. Here’s what students say about their experience at CLIR: “CLIR gives true Biblical teaching and deep analysis of the Bible.” “CLIR is the [...]

6402-909-Agricultural Demonstration Center

Rwanda continues to be a heavily agrarian society with many people growing all of their own food. As the population of Rwanda increases, land is becoming scarce, food costs are rising, and food shortages are common. Many Rwandans eat only one meal a day. The Agricultural Demonstration program at New Creation Ministries seeks to introduce [...]

6402-907-Ministry Leaders Training (MLT)

Most people in ministry in Rwanda (even pastors!) have little or no Biblical education. As a result, many teach salvation by works and the prosperity gospel. A lack of Biblically literate, spiritually transformed leaders means that Rwandan churches are full of non-believers and immature, undiscipled Christians. The Ministry Leaders Training (MLT) is a two year, [...]

6402-906-Rwandan Staff Scholarships

New Creation Ministries seeks to help the Church in Rwanda function as the Body of Christ by training Christian leaders to have the knowledge, character and skills to better do the work of God. The staff of NCM are at the forefront of this effort and we believe that helping them pursue ongoing training and [...]