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6473-910-Asain Christian

This project provides funds for the development of a resource book documenting the history of Christianity in India. The purpose of the work is to provide a record of Christian history in this area of the world. Needs include salaries, equipment, travel, lodging, food, resources and other operational expenses. VISION The values of such a [...]

6473-908-Ashta Kiran

This project provides financial support to Indian missionaries who are serving with Rays of Hope, a national mission organization in India. VISION The focus of this ministry is to train Christian workers, establish churches in villages that have no church, and uplift the oppressed. STRATEGY Funds will be used for workshops and seminars to train [...]

6473-907-Mylapore Institution

This project provides funds for the work of a Christian training school in India. Indigenous church groups have a story to tell. Donations will provide for scholarships to promising young scholars who will be trained to preserve and promote indigenous Christianity. PROBLEM Building a credible biblical theological foundation is needed to assist this process which [...]

6415-904-Khudawn- Boyhst

The object of Khudawandpur Boys Hostel is to provide living facilities in a Christian atmosphere, with adequate food every day, Christian education such as Sunday School, daily private and group devotions, producing literate and educated boys. KBH is for boys studying in 5th through 12th grades. Every year at least one or two boys accept [...]