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Arab Woman Today

An exciting new ministry on the radio and Internet is "Arab Woman Today." It is an outreach directed toward Arabic-speaking women throughout the world. This program provides words of encouragement to this specific group of women. Funds will be used to support this program. [...]

6418-904-Theological Education-PTEE Since 1981, the Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE) has been equipping Arab Christians for leadership through evangelical theological education wherever they live in the Arab world. PTEE's partners in ministry share: 1) PTEE's strategic passion for the Arabic-speaking peoples of the MENA region, 2) PTEE's vision for on-location training and discipleship of [...]

6418-903-Whitman Academy Expansion

Give to the Roy and Dora Whitman Academy – A Christian School in the Holy Land! Roy and Dora Whitman Academy provides a rich curriculum led by committed Christian teachers in Amman, Jordan. The Whitman Academy team creates an environment where students from many nationalities are challenged to integrate a Christian worldview into all their [...]