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6419-936-Pakistan-Sindi Bible Audio

In a country that is largely non-literate, oral forms of communication are necessary, and in many cases, preferred. For many years now those involved in outreach to the majority community have been able to utilize recordings of the New Testament but the recording of the Old Testament was not available. This project will provide recordings [...]

Church Based Training Russia

The church based training project provides Russian language materials for leadership development in, through, and by Russian churches. [...]

6403-976-Ajami Serer Publications

Only 57% of the population is literate, and that, in the Roman alphabet. But many parents send their children to Qur'anic schools where they learn to read the Arabic script. The Serer language can be written in both scripts. The churches want to reach the religious leaders in their villages with the scriptures in a [...]

6431-905-The Parchment Project

WHAT IS THE PARCHMENT PROJECT? The Parchment Project (TPP) introduced its unique 2-page layout to WorldVenture in 2014. The panoramic view of the text enhances personal engagement with the Scriptures. As a result, reading entire letters on 2 facing pages becomes inviting, rather than overwhelming. The ten longer books of the New Testament benefit from [...]

6417-916-Gospel Manga Project (Treasure Hunt)

Help Kids Find the Greatest Treasure of All Of all the world's Christians, only 4% came to Christ after the age of 30. But 83% came to Christ before the age of 14! With a third of our world still completely unreached, one of the most important questions we can ask is: How can we [...]

6473-910-Asain Christian

This project provides funds for the development of a resource book documenting the history of Christianity in India. The purpose of the work is to provide a record of Christian history in this area of the world. Needs include salaries, equipment, travel, lodging, food, resources and other operational expenses. VISION The values of such a [...]

6462-969-CPE Minibus

The Center for Publication of Evangelical literature (CPE) is working hard to develop grass-roots African Christian writers. In the past, most evangelical literature in the French language has been written by expatriates. PROBLEM Many nationals who may have a powerful message for their people need training and encouragement in writing. Those who are part of [...]

6462-950-CPE Abidjan

The Centre Publication Evangelique, an evangelical publishing house in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, publishes and promotes Christian literature for French-speaking West Africa. This project helps support publishing and literature distribution. PROBLEM In French-speaking West Africa, Christian bookstores are only found in the larger cities, and the number of titles available are limited. VISION The evangelical publishing [...]


Money from this fund goes toward the production and printing of materials and textbooks used in WorldVenture's work in Romania. Distributing Bibles is made possible by these resources as well. PROBLEM Quality Christian literature is not always accessible to the church in Romania. There remains a need for quality Christian literature to be translated and [...]

6465-903-Translation of Training Materials for Chinese Ministry

The goal of this project is to make available for Chinese ministry materials which will directly and effectively contribute to the evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development of the native Chinese speaker. VISION The resource material is well-balanced and focuses on the growth of one's character as well as his/her knowledge and skills as a maturing [...]