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6403-967-Non-Roman Script Wolof Publications

Only 57% of adults in Senegal are literate in the Roman script. But many parents send their children to Qur'anic schools where they learn to read the Arabic script. Wolof can be written with this Arabic alphabet (Wolofal, or Ajami Wolof). It would be good if we had the funds to publish the Wolof Bible [...]


We are presently working on the NIV Study Bible notes for the N.T. in the Slovene language. Also, a translation of Mere Christianity was released by a Slovene publisher in 1990. However, it contains significant errors and will need to be re-worked. This will be another key book for evangelism. [...]

6419-927-Pakistan-Oadki Language Translation

In an area of Pakistan where the Bible has not been translated into the local language, workers seek to train translators. VISION One of these translators dreams of having the Bible in his language, Oadki, and is thankful for the training that will enable him to realize his dream. STRATEGY This project supports translators in [...]

6403-953-Recorded Wolof Scripture

The Word of God in one's heart language is a powerful change agent. Senegalese believers who have attended French-speaking churches for years have finally understood the stories of the Bible after having heard the Bible in Wolof. Thus, the goal of this special project is to provide the Wolof Bible in oral means to an [...]

6403-913-Publication of Wolof Scripture

The project is a revolving fund to receive sales of Wolof scriptures and fund the printing and shipping of the Wolof Bible ($16 each) and New Testament ($8 each). The project will also supply funds to publish "spin-off's" in-country: single books such as Genesis, Psalms, Proverbs, Luke-Acts and probably a mini-Bible selection of OT and [...]

6451-908-Shempire Translation

This project will provide funds to help underwrite the activities needed to translate and print the Bible into Shempire. PROBLEM The Shempire are an unreached people group lacking churches and the Word of God in their own language thus restricting what can be done in evangelism, discipleship and leadership formation. With the Bible in Shempire [...]

6403-907-Wolof Bible Translation #1 Advanced Regional

This is the final stage of a 60-year project begun in 1963 by a British worker with the Open Brethren. He worked with Mr. Fall, then Mr. Fall's son, who died in the year 2000. Another Wolof believer finished what was lacking, but had a different style so what had been done already had to [...]