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6466-911-Kankan Church Movement Media Kickstart

WorldVenture Kankan's 2024-2026 media kickstarter project envisions a two-phase investment in infrastructure, equipment (both new and donated used) and training for social media ministry, video, projection, and sound. This will greatly expand the ministry footprint and reach of ministries out of the Kankan church movement, impacting the making of disciples. [...]

6466-909-Compassion Needs

This project serves those in great physical need that I encounter in my international work. At times, it will provide shelter for someone with damage to their thatched roof. On almost a daily basis, it provides medication for those with physical ailments from my home stocked pharmacy. For example, I am helping a man pay [...]

6466-906-The Beachhead Upper Guinea Mission Advance

We want to see all aspects of Upper Guinea transformed by Christ. Less than 0.2% of Upper Guinea’s 2 million people are Christians. The third and fourth largest cities in the country are in this area. This is an area of significant unemployment, corruption, and need. Our vision is to improve the spiritual, economic, intellectual, [...]