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6483-901-Robledo Children

Project Robledo has been established to reach the children and their families in a very poor area of Medellin, Colombia. PROBLEM Colombia has a long history of drugs, guerrilla warfare, paramilitary groups, etc. The children have seen tremendous violence against family and friends at a very young age. As a result, many of them have [...]

Pleasant Valley Community School

This school/orphanage was started by a graduate of the Zambia Bible Training Institute. The Pleasant Valley Community School has about 86 children. More than 70 of the students are street kids who come in for the day, have their way paid to school and get a good meal. The Gospel is taught to the children. [...]

6443-909-Kenedi Safe Home for Girls

At the most basic level, Albania lacks the social services infrastructure necessary to house and care for girls rescued from abuse. The Korçë Evangelical Church and the Kenedi Foundation saw this need and believed that a Christ centered care home should be opened to provide refuge for these girls. So, in 2004 we opened the [...]

6454-902-Safe Haven Society

- Safe Haven Society opened its doors in 2007 with Safe Haven Home for Girls, a foster home for abused and disadvantaged girls in Beirut, Lebanon. In 2019, Safe Haven started the transition towards non-residential care, first with an online homework help program for children affected by the Beirut explosion, and then opening the doors [...]

6405-931-New Hope Center for Grieving Children

This project provides funds to the New Hope Center for Grieving Children and Teens, a safe place where children orphaned by civil war find hope. PROBLEM The estimates are over three-and-a-half million people died either directly or indirectly during the civil war in Congo from 1998 to 2003. As a result, there are many orphans [...]

6443-902-Kenedi Children's Center & Home

Funds will be used to support the Kennedy Children's Center and Home. PROBLEM These children have homes, but are sent to beg from morning until often late at night. Many times these children have been provided very little food to sustain themselves, are almost always dirty and unkempt to appeal to those they are begging [...]