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6423-920-Bara Bara Boys

We work with street boys on multiple different levels to help them get off the streets and to realize who they are in Christ and how that can affect every area of their lives for the rest of their lives. We do drug and alcohol counseling to help boys stop using and become clean. We [...]

6423-921-Mombasa Soccer Program

Currently, all quality fields in Mombasa are privately owned fields that the average team and individual youth cannot afford to use. The goal of this project is to build a quality field that will be available for the community at a very affordable rate. Currently, this does not exist in Mombasa, which is a city [...]

6250-969-Children of Promise Building and Training Fund

This project supports Children of Promise to construct a new building. All the children in our school have heard a clear evangelistic message of Jesus and how by faith they can receive Christ as savior and follow him. We tell all who work with us from the church, to the teachers and people in the [...]

6423-960-T-Ventures Kenya Enterprise Development

Transformational Ventures has the incredible opportunity to partner with Yobel International and offer Entrepreneurial Training to the community around Redeemed Gospel Church in Embakasi, Nairobi, as well as for leaders throughout East Africa. This week-long training will equip and empower Kenyans, Ethiopians and Ugandans to develop or grow small businesses that will help them provide [...]

6423-919-NEGST Generation Operation

The money from this project is used to support operation of the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. PROBLEM While local churches support the school and students pay tuition, the income is not enough to cover costs. STRATEGY This project provides an opportunity for the American church to help subsidize the cost of operating the [...]

6423-918-NEGST Alumni Church Planting

Funds will provide seed money to assist graduates from school in their church planting efforts in the slums of Nairobi and southern Sudan. Many students come from these areas. After they've completed their studies, return home, hoping to establish the church in their communities. [...]

6423-914-NEGST Student School

African leaders from all over the continent come to the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST) for training. These people shape the future. While the cost for a year of courses and housing at NEGST is $4,300, this is out of reach to most Africans. This project will provide scholarship money to students who [...]

Empowering Local Churches

Our Fellowship Baptist Churches are located mainly in semi-rural areas among the least evangelized peoples of Kenya's south coast area. The FBC Association of Pastors has an annual goal of planting at least two new churches in unreached areas. Praise God! They have been meeting their goal. Their strategy includes each pastor training two "Timothys" [...]